Tuesday, March 08, 2005


All the members of my family are huge Carolina basketball fans. My father is intense about it, watches every game, shouts from his easy chair, coaches the TV and is in a bad mood when the 'Heels lose [fortunately, that's only been 3 times this season]. My mother is very nervous about each game and cannot watch them. She tries to distract herself by reading or practicing on the piano, but she can hear the TV and my father in the other room, both loud and obnoxious. I love to watch the games. Actually, I love to knit and listen to the games even when they're on TV. During the last 5 minutes I usually put down my knitting and just watch the end.

This past Saturday was the second meeting between Carolina and Duke. It was close the entire game, with several lead changes.[If you were raised in North Carolina, you know that you cannot be a fan of both schools. It's an either/or. Some may say they are, but they are lying.]

My mother called in the middle of the second half. We had the following conversation:
Mom: "I can't watch the game because it makes me too nervous. Your Dad is always yelling."
Then she said, "Well, how did it go?"
I asked, "How did what go?"
Mom: "The game."
Me: "Mom, the game isn't over yet...they're still playing in the second half."
Mom: "Oh, I thought that since it was playing early on the west coast that it would be over by now."
Me: "Um, Mom, the game is on right now, it's just that we're in different time zones."
Mom: "Oh. All right, I'll call you back later."


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ChaseTheSun said...

She called me during the game, too. I think she called me right after she called you because she mumbled something about calling you to see who had won. But I didn't understand what she was talking about.