Thursday, March 10, 2005

Caden's Afghan

Instead of working on Diane over the weekend, I was sidetracked by Caden's Afghan. My friend Renee just had a bouncing baby boy and I promised to knit a baby blanket. Here it is in Plymouth Encore Color and Colorspun. As you can see, I'm knitting this with 2 strands of yarn on size 13 US needles which makes it go very fast. Fast when I have time to work on it, that is. It needs to be about 20 blocks long and I'm only up to 8. The basketweave stitch is a simple matter of ribbing that you reverse after a set number of rows. Post a comment if you want the pattern, I'd love to share it with you. This is a great beginner's project.

In other news....

K has been in India for a week now, but it seems forever. I know it's important to him and important to the company - he has directly helped the bottom line - but it's tough to be without him. The poor kitties miss their Dad. They pad after me around the house, hoping for attention. These cats get a lot of love when both of us are home. We are constantly talking to them or petting them or playing fisher-cat. It's hard to be a single parent *sniff*

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