Sunday, March 27, 2005

Sierra Scarf

Yesterday, Karl and I went to Sierra-at-Tahoe for what was probably the last ski trip of the season. I normally dislike Sierra because I'm kind of a ski resort snob. Once you've been to Whistler a few times, Jackson Hole, Alta, Snowbird, Mammoth, Vail, Squaw and Sun Valley...well, Sierra just seems a little small. However, I was humbled on the very first run - an easy black called "Castle" [could also be classified as a Northstar black] when I realized that I HAD FORGOTTEN HOW TO SKI. My last snowy outing was with Karl's cousins on a x-country adventure at Royal Gorge, and I swear that yesterday my legs wanted to do x-country motions instead of downhill. It was weird. I really had to think about how to ski downhill. On a black run, no less.

Back to the scarf. I normally knit something on the drive up to Tahoe. Yesterday when I was hunting for my ski clothes I was frustrated to discover that I didn't have a scarf to match my purple ski jacket. I knew I had one skein left of Lion Brand Chenille Thick & Quick in #245 Amethyst Prints. Grabbed a pair of size 11 US. Knit the scarf in 1.5 hours and wore it on the slopes. It's in seed stitch and only 7 stitches across. I am a big fan of skinny, kind of short scarves.


caitlyn said...

Cute scarf!

Stephanie said...

ok weird. I've check your blog every day and haven't seen any of your new posts - must be some weird computer thing. I just saw them when I clicked on the link you put on my blog. I have lots of catching up to do!

Jenn said...

OOo Skiing. YOu would think that since I live so close I would ski, but that is still on my "to learn" list.

I just found your blog....will be a must read :-) I grew up in Virginia and now live here in Cali. I am dreaming of the day that I can get back to the south!