Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Blogging or Knitting?

Ever since I started this blog, I have become just as obsessed with it as I am with knitting. So many things to learn, so many cool things to do. I work with computers all day long - email, projects, presentations, testing - that I usually can't stand touching a computer when I'm at home. Yet, for the past few weeks, here I am at home after work and on the weekends neglecting my duties as girlfriend (I think that means cooking, laundry, etc., you know) and working on THE BLOG. Learning about xhtml and css. How to post pictures with Hello and Flickr. Thinking about finally getting my web page set up. This is taking away valuable time that I would normally use for knitting! I already gave up reading time for knitting time. Now look. I'm reading about blogging about knitting. This is crazy.

OK. To start another rant - I was on the
Blogger Buzz page this afternoon and saw a "plug" for the blog XiaXue. The author of this blog has won awards! As a blogging ambassador no less! Now I realize that by mentioning it I too am somehow adding to the readership but what to do. So. I took a look at this blog. She's right, she's a bitch. A very confident and self-assured bitch. I don't hold this against her, it's just the way she is. What I do mind, though, is that she is trying to manifest the Asian sex kitten persona. From the comments I've seen, she's doing a very good job. There's already this concept out there that Asian women are easy, promiscuous, manipulative and mercenary (oh, and bitchy). Why would you perpetuate that? Why would you advertise that on your blog and expect anyone to take you seriously? Or maybe that's the point - that this girl is easy, promiscuous, manipulative and mercenary (not to mention bitchy) and doesn't expect anyone to take her seriously. But that troubles me. She reminds me of an Asian Anna Nicole Smith (without the Trim Spa, baby!) and the planet doesn't really need any more of those to waste our time.

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Cyndi said...

Hi Lynette - Saw your comment on Caitlyn's blog. I'm another Sac area knit-blogger, in Citrus Heights. I saw you have a lot of digital photography links... do you do a lot of photography? My husband is really into photography, and I'm trying to learn more about it.