Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Kitty Warhol

Thanks to everyone who commented and emailed me about how to finish the Wiggles and Waves sleeves! Now I know what to do, I just have to get it done....

Kitty Warhol is courtesy of a cool little Flickr thingamabob. Enjoy!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Wiggles and Waves Revisited

Wiggles and Waves has reappeared. I got my act together. Yesterday I seamed the shoulders and wove in *a lot* of loose ends. What's left to do is pick up stitches around the armholes, knit the sleeves, pick up stitches around the neckline and knit the neckband. Question for you: I don't think I have enough of the main color to knit 2 long sleeves. How do I divide my remaining yarn so that at least the sleeves are the same length?

Casual Friday
Pattern: Knitting Pure and Simple Top Down Weekend Pullover
Yarn: Rowan Big Wool 100% merino, #021 Ice Blue, 6 balls
Gauge: 2.5 sts/inch
Needles: size 17 DPNs, 16" circular and 32" circular
Comments: Had trouble finding the right needles. I started out with Lion Brand but plastic just doesn't cut it. Also, keep in mind the circumference of the circular cable, you want the fatties not the skinny cables. Only Addi's had them. One last tip - knit the sleeves BEFORE the rest of the body.

I enjoyed knitting this sweater. I needed to see how a top down was constructed. While I was knitting this I also read Barbara Walker's Knitting from the Top about raglans and things made so much sense.

Santa Goes Shopping
I leave you with this funny photo of Santa and his elf on their way to Target. Or maybe Lowe's. Karl and I were going to pick out a Christmas tree and caught a glimpse of Santa on his motorcycle (I'm sure his license plate said "my other vehicle is a sleigh").

Have a great weekend!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Finished But Is It Complete?

Pre Block
The Knitting Pure & Simple Weekend Pullover in Rowan Big Wool. Fini. I finished it during Turkey Day vacation but just now showing you the results. I was going to wear it as-is to a lunch with Cyndi but chickened out. It wasn't perfect; there's some laddering going on with the neck (drat those huge size 17 DPNs) and just general funky wacko impatient stitching. Cyndi convinced me to block the sweater. Gasp. No, no, I said! I am afraid!! She told me to be bold. Blocking is my friend.

Blocking Progress
Here it is, laying in a lonely way on the guest bed. It swam in my tub for about half an hour. I watched it turn a beautiful saturated sky blue as it absorbed water. Then the scary part - I pulled it out of the water, sopping and limp like a half dead kitty. When I rolled it up in towels I was convinced I had ruined it. As I reshaped it on the bed I kept thinking, "What have I done?" But now...now, it looks much better. Whew!

I've been feeling a bit blah. Blah this, blah that. No oomph or flair or zowies. Everything is just, you know, yadda yadda. It shows up in my photos. Blah.