Sunday, March 20, 2005


Karl has spent most of his waking (jetlagged) hours in the garage/workshop making corner shelves for moi. Because I asked him to. And now, as I blog he is removing the strip of wood underneath the the kitchen island cabinet. I don't know watchacallit. He says, "Kitty-wrecked strip of wood."

It is Little Kitty's fault. She has the very, very bad habit of taking my socks (and only mine, preferrably dirty) from the laundry hamper and dropping them into her water bowl. Not only does that render the water toxic and completely undrinkable, one end of the sock usually hangs over the side, sucks up water and creates a puddle on the floor. Said puddle then soaks the baseboard of the island cabinet.

Karl removed the molding and found rot, absolute rotted wood. Bad Kitty!

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