Thursday, February 16, 2006

An Unusual Meme

Birdsong tagged me with a most unusual and creative meme last week - a description of myself in poetry form using the letters of my name. In case you were wondering what the heck I've been up to the past few days, let me tell ya...I've been trying to figure out what starts with a "Y" that would describe me. I finally broke down and used Websters. Did you know that there are only a few pages devoted to the letter "Y" in the dictionary?

L oquacious with the written word but shy to speak up
Y outhful in mind, body and spirit
N ever regretting or second guessing any decisions of my past
E nthusiastic about impending motherhood
T empted at all times to grow my collection of yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks and fiber books
T rained as a bookworm and homebody, morphed into a recreational athlete and traveller
E njoying life as it unfolds each day

Thanks, Birdsong, for issuing this challenge. I had fun thinking about this. Now for you folks who like words this meme is for you: Agnes and Kelly. Anyone else who would like to try it, I encourage you. Let me know if you do it because I'd love to read your poem.

Other things I've been up to...I finished the red alpaca scarf which I will now refer to as "Tosh" in honor of the recipient. However, I wrapped it up before I remembered about taking a picture. You'll just have to take my word for it that Tosh is done. Now I'm currently working on the Baby Albert jacket as well as a baby blanket. The jacket is coming along nicely; I so love working with the Phoenix yarn. The yarn I'm using for the blanket is very similar to Berroco Plush, extremely soft and springy. It's in plain stockinette because there's no point in doing any fancy stitchery EXCEPT that I'm going to crochet a pretty edging with Berroco Cotton Twist Colors.

Non-knitting activities include trying on special occasion dresses for Las Vegas next month. I suppose I should be more excited about my wedding but at the moment it's sort of low on my priority list. We are getting married at the MGM Grand Hotel with just a few friends to witness the historic moment. And a moment it will be, I don't think the ceremony will last more than 20 minutes if that! But that's OK. The less time in high heels the better.

I want to thank all of you who responded with your Typical Knitter's Day. I'm amazed at how different some of your schedules are. At the same time, there is a common thread of knitting at night. This makes sense for the working folks but even for those of you lucky enough not to work this seems to be the case too.

No pictures today because I am lazy. But I've got some so stay tuned.


Ruth said...

wow, i had no idea your wedding day is coming up so quickly!! you know, i can't imagine what it's like in your shoes, planning a wedding and planning your baby... this year is going to be an exciting one! VERY happy for you. =)

Agnes said...

Mmm ... I need some time for thinking ... lucky I only have 5 letters in my name! hahaha ...
Las Vagas wedding ... Wow! We just had a civilian wedding at San Jose City Hall ... 20 minutes is about right, I'd say. Actually, we went for registration and the clerk told us there was an empty slot the next day, so we took it and my husband emailed his friend asking him to be the witness that night. Of course the friend thought he was joking! ;)
Wish you a memorable time in Las Vagas.

JoanM said...

Hope you are keepning well. Seems like you are still very busy. Planning a wedding can be very hectic

Rebekah said...

What a great poem, Y is definitely a hard letter.

Stephanie said...

Wonderful poem. I know your wedding will be beautiful and perfect. Because that's what weddings are. I can't wait to see all your baby knitting!

LoriO said...

I want to get married (if we ever actually do it) in Las Vegas at the Wee Kirk O' the Heather like in the movie "Intolerable Cruelty."

I had a friend who got married in a typical church wedding, except they both did not repeat the vows but just said "I do" at the appropriate time and GOT IT DONE. I thought it was great that they did exactly what they wanted, but their families gave them grief for "cheating." Pshaw.

Which dress did you choose?