Thursday, February 23, 2006

To Keep or Not To Keep

That is the question.

I've got yarn stashed all over the house. The biggest stash is in the unfinished guest bedroom because we're still in the process of redecorating. Karl says he's going to build some cubbies for me but even so, I have too much.

So what to keep? How do I decide? I've got a few starter ideas...

Climate. Where I live, it's hot most of the time so I plan to keep the cottons and linens.

Color. I have a penchant for pink, lavender and neutrals. I'm not so keen on blues and greens.

Itch factor. Has to go.

OK, it's not much which is why I still have such a huge stash! I've tried selling via Knitters Review but not on eBay yet. Anyone have experience with this? Rebekah, I think you just put some stuff out there right?

I'd be willing to swap. This wouldn't necessarily reduce my stash right away but if it's yarn I'm more likely to use then at least I wouldn't be buying more :-)

Having mentioned the swap thing, let me know if any of you are interested in the Rowan Chunky Cotton Chenille. I have a ton of it and it looks pretty but it's hard on my little hands.

Any ideas on how to decide what stays and what goes?


Stephanie said...

I think you're on the right track. You have to decide if you are going to realistically use it - for you or your bambina or as a gift. And then decide if you really like it. Taste changes and so do our ideas of what we like and like to knit with. I'd say, be brutal. But not hasty. Does that help?

Agnes said...

I am also curious to know to how-to in getting things to sell on eBay. Should ask Caitlyn ... I remember her saying selling stash on eBay.

LoriO said...

I've sold some on E-bay...have ay specific questions?

I de-stashed a lot just recently. I got rid of stuff I new I would never knit with, colors I wouldn't wear, quantities that wouldn't really make anything. I still hung on to some nice wools that I keep telling myself I should lose because it's almost never cold enough here.

kittensmittens said...

I can't give yo advise on what to keep and get rid off. I am the worst judge of that. ( I usually end up keeping everything) But I would say, definitely get rid of the scratchy. All though, ... always stuff that can be made out of some scratchy yarn ... and i shall stop now, don't think i'm helping.

Purse_Ho said...

i need to do the same. i'm kind of going the way you are..itch factor, out! i live in a hot area i need cottons and linens. and most of my colors are pink/purple. LOL. i should get rid of all the fuzzy/itchy stuff....ebay is a great source. But if you wanna do a yarn swap...let's do one! :)

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