Tuesday, February 21, 2006

To Do

Sign wedding contract for MGM Hotel. CHECK

Book hotel and plane reservations to Las Vegas. CHECK

Buy dress for wedding. CHECK sort of

Schedule 4th ultrasound. CHECK

Schedule next blood test. CHECK

Select wedding bands. HUH?

Clean out stash from guest room. UMMMM...

Reorganize files in study. UH-OH

Finish the baby's room. NOT YET

Do taxes. EEEEEK

Seam the Baby Albert Jacket. MAYBE

Swatch crochet baby blanket. CHECK

Swatch crochet scarf. DYING TO DO THIS

Knit 2 more inches on baby blanket. BORING

Plan tonight's dinner. CHECK

Pack for business trip. BLECH

I am a list person. Lists are addictive. The only problem is, the list never gets any shorter.

What's on your list?


Some of you have asked interesting questions in your comments of late, and I haven't been able to respond personally so here are my replies for the entertainment of all:

Which dress did I pick out for my wedding? On Babe in the Wool, I reported a couple of dress picks in one of my posts. I went to David's Bridal and tried the cranberry "special occasion" gown. Beautiful color, 9 1/2 feet of fabric. I looked like an oversized vegetable. Plus I didn't want to spend that much on a dress that I would then pay another $50 to cut in half. I went to Nordstrom Rack and bought a couple of interesting dresses in aubergine. The plan is to wait until 2 weeks before the wedding, go to a seamstress and see if either one could be altered to fit my shape at that point. I also bought a dress on eBay which may or may not arrive in time to be altered. I'll try to take some pictures.

Oh. If it seems that I'm pretty nonchalant about the wedding, it's because I am.

Does Big Kitty really have her own prescription at a regular pharmacy? Yes, she most certainly does. Though I suppose once the wedding is over she will also have to change her last name as well. But not her initials: BKM.

How do you grow your orchids? Lots of light (put them on a south-facing window sill) and let them soak in the sink in tepid water once a week.

Agnes, your comment about my calmness since I found out I am pregnant is a sharp observation. I hadn't thought about it before but yes, I think you're right. Having a healthy baby is the highest priority and knowing this puts everything else in the proper perspective, including knitting and other hobbies. That is, I was taking knitting too seriously and the fun had gone out of it. I am beginning to appreciate it again as a relaxing and useful hobby. Especially since I am constantly reminded that I won't have much time for it later.

Did you all have relaxing weekends? Well, some of you did because I read about them in your blog already. I spent all of Sunday knitting on the Baby Albert. Now it just needs to be seamed, blocked and have the buttons sewn on. I really needed to just spend a day knitting and catching up on people's blogs. It was a treat.


Cyndi said...

hehehe... your kitty's initials are BKM! That cracks me up!!!

I wish I could say I had a relaxing weekend. Someone mentioned something about a 3-day weekend and a holiday? Not around here. But I'm finally taking some time to wind down and catch up on blogs after my first day of the big exam today. All work and no play makes Cyndi a stressed out gal!

BTW - my post-bar plans changed, and Todd & I are headed up to Squaw for a week instead of Vancouver. I haven't skied there before, and I saw you went up earlier in the season... any tips on good runs for an intermediate skier, or other things to do while we're there?

Good luck with your list! It sounds like you are off to a good start!

Agnes said...

My weekend was okay ... a friend came over to dinner on Saturday night, eating all the lasagna which would have been leftover for Sunday lunch!
I know if we are fighting for equal rights in workplace, we shouldn't complain when a pregnant woman has to go on business trips ... but I just feel that it would be so exhausting for you to go on trips like that. But I know that you are physically very fit, so it shouldn't be a big problem to you. Still, take care.

Stephanie said...

I love lists. Speaking of, I'd better make one. I had a nice long weekend (except for that minor yarn battle). It's cold and was good for inside activities. Yep, take pictures of the dresses - I love girly stuff.

Rebekah said...

I like lists too, I keep a notebook at work with both personal and work lists in it, the satisfaction of crossing something off is just a lot of fun. Although I must admit, I haven't made as many lists as I used to, and I feel myself getting more and more disorganized. Better start making a new list.

candsmom said...

Congratulations to you!! So many exciting changes on the horizon and so much to look forward to! :-) I'm so excited for you and your DF- a baby is such a precious gift. I scrolled down through your posts and you look wonderful!! It made me remember my pregnancies with fondness... although I probably didn't feel that way then (morning sickness is no fun!), I guess the passage of time makes those memories a little fuzzier. ;-) I hope you're feeling well and able to rest, though it sounds like you've got quite a busy schedule right now. Thanks so much for visiting my blog- I'm so happy to "meet" you! I'll be visiting often and hope you will, too. ;-) Take care and best wishes to you, Lynette! :-)

Birdsong said...

How did this happen? You are one of my fave bloggers, and I still missed the most important post, back at the start of the year, both that you were getting married and having a baby... sheesh! It has been so hectic for me the past two months that I think I have lost whole weeks, not just days. Suddenly, there are violets and daffodils coming up, and I thought it was still just after Christmas.

Anyway, belated congrats to you both, first off, and then I want to say that you look awesomely pregnant, and it is just cultural conditioning that has us thinking we should all stay thin throughout pregnancy and look like a model. Hah, not going to happen, and certainly not the best thing for you. I am sure you will look radiant in Karl's eyes at your wedding, and that you are the one seeing yourself as "fat" rather than pregnant... now, when you stop wearing shoes that tie because you can't see your feet any longer, everyone else will also be aware that you are preggers... and hopefully offer you their seat, open doors, and generally treat you solicitously. After all, you are the bearer of new life!