Saturday, February 18, 2006

Squares and Rectangles

Blogging 3 days in a row. This must be a record for me. OK, warning. This is picture-heavy.

The simplicity of Sally Melville's Baby Albert Jacket is that it's just a bunch of squares and rectangles. This isn't an inspired photo but it shows you what I mean. The jacket is about 70% done, the left front and both sleeves are what's left. The clever thing about the pattern is that there are only 2 seams to sew - the sleeves. I will pick up stitches along the sides of the back piece and then down the sides of the front pieces.

Maybe this closeup will show it better.

The other baby item is a blanket I'm making for my friend Kristy. She is about 4 weeks behind me and is also having a girl! Kristy is a huge Green Bay Packers fan and I hunted high and low for this yarn in Packer colors but with no luck. The blanket is in ho-hum stockinette but I like the coordinating Cotton Twist colors for the crochet edging. You probably won't see this again until it's finished 'cause there won't be anything exciting to show until then.

Orchids are blooming around the house. Little Vanda White is the early one. She didn't bloom for 3 years until we moved into this house. Now she flowers at least once a year. *happy dance* She reminds me that I haven't totally lost my green thumb.

I leave you with a pensive photo of shy Miss Big Kitty. This lady has had her share of vet visits. Last year she was diagnosed with a hyperthyroid and weighed only a few pounds. She's back up to her fighting weight thanks to daily doses of meds. She has her own prescription at the pharmacy and I get a kick out of telling the pharmacist that I need to get a refill for "Big Kitty".


Agnes said...

Your cat!!! That photo of her!!!
I always intended to tell you but always managed to forget ... I feel that ever since you are pregnant, there is a kind of peaceful calmness in you. Don't know if it is true or if you notice it yourself ... I think it is very good. It almost feels like with the baby, nothing else matters now. ;)

LoriO said...

Both Big and Little are lucky to have you. Do you actually get her prescription filled at a regular pharmacy?

The Baby jacket is going to be so cute

Ruth said...

i love your projects! the baby jacket looks really good, and that blanket looks really soft!

sherry said...

Those are beautiful!!!your knits, but so is Kitty and the orchid... keep wanting to try to grow one..

JoanM said...

The blanket looks really soft and the baby cardi seems like a great idea. I would like to see it finished. I love your orchid, and your cat is lucky to have you so caring

Stephanie said...

I love the jacket. It's very interesting and looks like fun to knit. I can't wait to see the FO. And the baby blanket looks very soft and cuddly - just like it's supposed to be. Big Kitty is gorgeous and I'm glad she's doing better. I can't get my orchid to bloom - I don't think it likes me.

Rebekah said...

Awww sweet kitty. And what fun baby items. I just love the yarn in the jacket.

Big Kitty reminds me of my dad's print shop cat, Pica. Pica lived to be 21 years old!

AJ said...

I am loving the colors. So bright and vibrant. And the kitty!! I love the knitty kitty!