Friday, February 03, 2006

Scarf, and a Bit of Chaos

I promised some evidence of knitting so here it is. This is the Misti Alpaca scarf that I'm making for a friend's birthday. Not very complicated since I'm on the mindless knitting kick.

One reason I've been busy is that we've been doing a massive remodeling of 3
bedrooms. I say we, but I really mean Karl. Anyway. We have switched the study and guest rooms and painted them. Nothing like impending parenthood to jump start room remodeling.

I'm not sure this photo is the most accurate representation of the green that we used for the study. This room gets a lot of light in the middle of the day but I took the picture in the late afternoon. It is a saturated shade of "Luscious Moss". We also added some chair rail trim to break up the huge expanse of mossiness and just picked out a colorful sconce for the corner. This room will be a combo study and craft room. We'll see how that works out, but we don't have much choice as you'll see in a minute.

We switched out the guest room because this one is just a tad bigger. We'll be able to add a small table for a TV and a dresser. My parents are staying with us for a whole month in June after I have the baby. I felt like they deserved some extra space during that time. The color here is "Earthy Cane". We aren't going to do a chair rail but are planning to do window and closet door casing. Karl wants every room to be a little different. Who would've thought he would have such
designing thoughts. I'm happy to have him do all this work so I'm not complaining. I threw down the pregnancy trump card so I wouldn't have to paint but I pushed around the furniture.

Now here's why we're having to combine the study with crafty stuff - the yarn room is going to be the baby room. Nothing has happened in there yet but this will be painted a sunny, cheery yellow to match the painted furniture. I think I want to do a border stencil too. The yarnmoire and most of the stash is in here, take a look. This used to be an old dresser that I've had since I was a toddler. I asked Karl to remove the 3 top drawers, create a shelf and attach some cabinet doors that we had lying around. Then we tried our hand at crackling. Turned out OK. We are going to use it for baby's clothes though. The matching sewing table is going to be a changing table.

And there you have part of my topsy turvy house! I should probably get used to the chaos because it won't be much better in a few months. That will be an adjustment. Now if I can just figure out other hiding places for my yarn...

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Tena said...

Love the red scarf! It looks like more than mindless knitting to me!

I like your colors. My colors are in the same family. I love green, all shades of it. Karl is doing a great job!

Chaos is a good thing! You'll see.