Sunday, September 11, 2005


38.3 is today's date in "Lynette years". What I love about having a birthday in early September is that it's part of the change in the seasons - a welcome relief from the oppressive heat, some autumn colors beginning to appear, just a hint of winter. Even in the Sacramento area the weather has become cooler and just a few miles up the hill on Highway 50, the low shrubbery is turning a deep purple red.

Now that it's no longer in the 90s, I can think about projects for fall knitting. I went to my yarn room the other day and was amazed at all the pretty, nice and sumptuous yarns in my stash. I picked out a bunch and moved them into my bedroom stash (yes, yes, I have 2 stashes). My bedroom stash is the pile of yarn that eventually become actual projects. The Manos is there, along with 2 different types of Noro, the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk from Sherry, the LL Lion and Lamb that I bought from Caitlyn, the Gedifra I picked up in Switzerland and some sock yarn. Potential projects are the Shoalwater Shawl using the LL, a couple of oversized cardigans (Manos, Gedifra), a cabled sweater (DB). Of course I could change my mind at any point.

The current knitting front is busy but manageable. On the needles are a pair of socks that I started on magic loop. I have since separated the socks - one on magic loop and the other on 8" Inox. I still maintain that shorter DPNs are better for my little hands. It's just that Inox doesn't make short size 1 DPNs. Also on the needles are the humble beginnings of Tivoli. If any of you have been considering this pattern, especially since Grumperina published it as Picovoli on MagKnits, you are more than welcome to join the Tivoli KAL. I finished the Phoenix tank and found the answer to the plunging V-neck in Ann Budd's A Handy Book of Sweater Patterns. No pictures of it yet, I need to block the neck. That may be next time.

Over the Labor Day weekend Karl and I were busy purchasing this. Then he promptly left the country for a quick business trip to Japan. I haven't driven it at all this week in fear of something happening to it in the parking lot at work (that's what happened the last time I drove a new car into work). We also went on a pretty hike in the Berkeley Hills before catching the BART to see the Oakland A's get pounded by the Evil Empire (Yankees). This weekend I celebrated my 38th by going on a 12-mile run on Saturday. Just to prove I still had the legs. However, afterwards I felt a little tired. Then I found myself looking at this. Little Kitty has been a terror all weekend long.

Well, I've got to get going on a bike ride this morning. It's sunny where I am but probably overcast where we're going, brrrr. Hope you all have a good week, I'll try to post from Arizona.

Until the next day in the life....


Cyndi said...

Happy birthday Lynette! I like the new Ridgeline... nice! Have a good week in AZ - hope it is not too hot there.

Agnes said...

Happy Birthday! Good way to celebrate birthday ... energizing yourself! I love the picture of Little Kitty ... the angle is so special ... you were lying on the floor?

Ruth said...

happy birthday lynette!! i agree, i love this time of year. not too hot anymore (thank goodness!) and not yet too cold. and the changing colors of the leaves... beautiful. have fun in AZ - for your sake i hope it's not too hot there (i know i will definately be roasting in singapore next week)!! =)

LoriO said...

Happy Birthday! (And oh my, I just realized I missed my best friend's birthday on the 10th! Eek!)

Congrats on the new wheels! It is nerve wracking to drive a new car. Fun, but nerve wracking.

Lilttle Kitty is so pretty! I love her muted colors.

Beth C said...

Happy (belated) birthday, Lynette! Hope to catch up with you at Frong Pond one of these days ... or the entrelac class? Enjoy the fine weather!