Monday, August 08, 2005

Knitting in the Dark

Why I thought I would have time to blog while I was on a business trip is now beyond my comprehension. Perhaps it was because I knew I wouldn't have any "chores" after the end of the work day or errands to run before making dinner. Heck, I wouldn't have to cook either for that matter. However I still managed to be completely busy anyway. I was in Arizona for most of last week and it was my first trip there. I didn't leave the office until close to 7pm most nights and then I had to hunt for my dinner. This meant driving up and down unfamiliar streets looking for a decent restaurant. By the time I returned to my hotel, the most excellent Wild Horse Pass Resort, it was quite late (at least for me) and I was too tired to knit anything. Except, of course, on the night of the storm.

The beginning of August signals the start of the Arizona monsoon season. People had warned me about this and I was looking forward to it. I even goaded the rain gods by not packing an umbrella or a rain jacket. On Tuesday night while I was swimming, dark clouds swept in, the wind whipped the skinny trees with 60mph gusts, lightning cracked the sky and rain flooded low lying areas. Just before the power went out the local meteorologist said it was the worst storm to hit the Phoenix area in years. Then I was sitting in total darkness and quiet in bed. The power flickered on 3 times before it tired out. While this happened I was knitting the beginning of my tank top, ironically in Phoenix yarn. I actually continued to knit in the dark trying to stay calm and was amazed that I didn't drop any stitches.

I have since completed the back of the tank top over the weekend. It isn't a very exciting project except that it's the first one where I tried my "own" pattern using Software Wizard. The measurements were based on the white crochet tank on the left. I was worried that the Phoenix tank would be a little short and my suspicions were confirmed as you can see. It's going to be a cropped top.I laid Phoenix over the crochet tank and the length discrepancy is even more obvious. It's about an inch shorter at either end. All right, so it's going to be a sexy cropped top.

In other knitting news, I debated which socks I would try next and decided to just go for it all - magic loop, 2 socks at the same time, the Figure 8 cast-on and toe up. I've been practicing the figure 8 cast-on which doesn't require you to use waste yarn. It's tricky; probably the trickiest technique after continental that I've tried so far, more difficult than learning to use DPNs, 2-handed fair isle or cabling. I haven't felt that "Aha!" moment yet so I guess I need to keep practicing. I'll post photos as soon as I get it down.

On Saturday, I finally managed to make it to the Folsom Knitting group and met fellow knitter blogger Cyndi! She just finished Clapotis in a Lorna's Laces yarn that has an extremely soft hand. This was my first viewing of a Clapotis up close and I must say, it is very nice. Cyndi did a wonderful job.

I'll end with a plug for my photo blog - there are new photos on Image Zone if you're interested.

Until the next day in the life.....


Stephanie said...

Fun adventures in Phoenix. I'm glad you had your knitting to keep you warm and safe. I think the tank top will be great, even a little cropped. I used the figure 8 cast on for my Sherbet Socks and like it ok, but I think I like the short row toe better - jury's still out though. I think you're brave to try 2 at the same time!

JoanM said...

I always spend more time packing my knitting than my clothes when I go away, and am disappointed when I don't get a lot done. I know what you mean about finding a good place to eat. I am going away next week, but have been there before and tried several places, so I know the one I will head for at dinner time.