Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Great Pumpkin

real pumpkin

Karl's version of Charles Schultz' Halloween spirit.

Holidays take on a renewed significance when there's a baby in the house. We aren't big celebrators of any of the major holidays so it's funny that all of a sudden Karl and I were dashing around getting candy ready and making sure the pumpkin decorations were lit on the front porch. Karalyn's daycare had a Halloween parade with all the kids dressed in costumes. It was, as one parent said, organized chaos. Kids also renew their parents' sense of play. Karl and I definitely had a lot of fun dressing Karalyn up in her Great Pumpkin costume.

Hope you all had a ghoulish Halloween, take it easy on all the leftover candy! Knitting content will return in the next post.


ruth said...

karalyn looks SO adorable in her costume!! =)

LoriO said...

Cute Cuteness! Thanks for posting the pics, and glad you had fun with baby's first Halloween!

Our neighbors stopped by with their 4 year old son who was dressed as a football player, and his 2 month old brother, dressed as a football!

Agnes said...

Those two are two of the cutest pumpkins I've seen! Karalyn is always looking at the camera, have you noticed? :)

AJ said...

Now how friggin cute is she?!?!? She's an absolutely beautiful pumpkin! And I'll admit I'm jealous...I saw all the baby girl costumes that my baby to be could have been, but noooo I have to wait til next year! *sigh* The anticipation of motherhood huh? :) Glad you had a great, memorable, Halloween!

KnitNana said...

A wonderful baby pumpkin and a GREAT Jack-o-Lantern, too!
Your photos are wonderful, and it so nice of you to share them with us!

kittensmittens said...

both your pumpkins are great!

Stephanie said...

How adorable. I'm glad you had a good Halloween.