Friday, October 27, 2006


Per several commentors' request, I give you this from Karalyn's first portrait sitting. We were shopping at Babies R Us a few nights ago. A girl from Kiddie Kandids approached us about a portrait sitting. I only agreed to do it because we would get free 8x10 print since it was for training purposes.

Karalyn was a bit sleepy and hungry but she obliged with a few poses. It's not easy to convince her to smile when she's suspicious of what you're doing.

Now, see that blue sweater she's wearing? That's the Baby Bolero from One Skein that I knit over the summer. It's in a newborn size but the cotton yarn stretched a bit. Right now it fits her like a cardigan with 3/4 sleeves. She's going to continue wearing it until one day it's just a short-sleeved, fitted shrug.

Don't ask me about Wiggles and Waves. Aargh.

The KP&S top down v-neck cardigan is coming along. I've passed the section to slip the stitches for the sleeves and now on to straight stockinette for the body. I dread this part because it's kind of boring, but I have a question for you all.

The pattern says to work in stockinette until the piece measures 9" from the top of the shoulder. What does that mean? Do I measure from where the middle of the shoulder hits the neckline?

Confession: for the past 9 months, I have kept a quiet resolution to myself about completing one knitted item per month. I have managed to do this even through the chaotic last month of my pregnancy and during the sleep-deprived months of new motherhood. However, October probably won't see a new FO unless a miracle happens with Wiggles and Waves.

Next week I will have more photos, including more cuteness! Halloween is coming up!

Have a great weekend!


KnitNana said...

What an absolute angel she is!

ruth said...

what a cutie!! =D

Agnes said...

It doesn't look like she was sleepy at all! So cute ... even more than the teddy bear! How lovely!

LoriO said...

Hooray for Miss Cutie and her beautiful handknit sweater! She is so adorable.

I would put the stitches on a string and try it on, and then actually measure from the top of your shoulder. Then you don't really have to do nine inches, you can make it as long or as short as you want.

Also, I've talked via e-mail and phone with the woman who designs those patters, and she's very nice about answering questions.

kittensmittens said...

Karalyn is soooo cute. And a really trooper apparently. She doesn't look hungry and tired at all.

Good job on your finishing spree. I'm trying to do something similar, but I haven't been as succesful as you.

Rebekah said...

OH what a sweetie. She must be quite the intellectual being suspicious of what's going on.

I used to take school pictures, I always loved it when the moms brought in their little ones, I could always get a good smile out of them. I'm a bit of a baby magnet.

Stephanie said...

Adorable picture! She's such a sweetie. What's the style of the sweater? Raglan or sleeve cap? I'd say 9" means from the spot where the shoulder meets the neck, but trying it on or comparing to a favorite sweater might be the safest route.

Birdsong said...

She is just getting so much personality! And is such a great model for mama's handknits...

Purse_Ho said...