Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Two on the Needles

Knitting content implies that there's been knitting going on, eh? All right, let's get started.

Exhibit A: I was desperately trying to finish something for October and ambitiously decided, in the last week, that I would knit the Weekend Pullover #224 from Knitting Pure and Simple. After all, it advertises itself as quick, only two days worth of knitting. That would've been accurate if I hadn't been such a cheapo. This sweater requires at least size 17 circulars in two lengths and in DPNs. Sheesh. Not sure that I would ever knit with such a large needle again, I tentatively bought Lion Brand plastic circulars.

I learned.

I learned that plastic needles with 100% wool is torture. To make it worse, the stitches tightened up a lot once they were off the needles and on the cable. I knit this much before I said ENOUGH, GET ME ADDI'S!! The thing is, size 17 metal Addi's with the fat cable is hard to find. The three closest stores to me did not have them. I ended up winning an auction from eBay. Hopefully they will arrive tomorrow. The good news is, I love the yarn - Rowan Big Wool in a light lavender (although it looks blue in the photo).

Exhibit B: The other Knitting Pure and Simple sweater. This is the Neckdown Shaped Cardigan. I'm patiently working on this one, it's my mindless knit. This morning I was in a teleconference and I managed to complete 8 rows in an hour. I danced a little jig in my cubicle. This one is with Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed from my stash. My knitting is so uneven! I think you can tell when I've had a tough day and when it's been OK.

Exhibit C: Nothing to do with knitting, this is the odd photo of the day - Garden Buddha. I've been feeding my neighbor's koi fish and the pond is surrounded by lush greenery and an eclectic assortment of garden art. I enjoy going over there because his backyard is so quirky, so tropical bohemian. The buddha brings good luck to the fish. Perhaps I should have one to watch over me while I knit.


ruth said...

you were knitting at work?!
btw, i didn't know you needed addis in size 17 circs. i bought some from rumples earlier this year (16"), along with some similar sized dpns. i'm sure you probably need a longer sized circ, but if you need a 16" one, i've got one you can borrow (it has the fat cable too) =)

Cyndi said...

I second Ruth's comment... knitting at work!? I've been tempted to knit during teleconferences (esp the training ones where no participation is required), but would be too embarrassed if someone popped into my cube while I had my knitting out.

Glad you found the addis. I had no idea that size 17 addis would be so hard to find.

LoriO said...

Everyone needs a Hotei!

I like the seed stich border on the cardigan. I'm going to have to look up that pattern.

How's work going?

Stephanie said...

Love the knits and I love that you knit on telephone conferences - I do too.

Macoco said...

I'm so jealous that you manage to squeeze knitting time in while working. The weekend sweater looks great so far.

Purse_Ho said...

i love knitting pure and simple patterns. they are pretty pure and simple. but yeah..i never understood the multiple sizes needles. it's kind of a pain...and i often wonder how necessary it is. :) they are coming out great, btw. :)

Agnes said...

Size 17 needles? US15 is my limit ... such painful experience knitting with huge needles! But if I want to make the bathroom mat from Mason-Dixon knitting book, I'll have to buy a US35!