Monday, October 24, 2005

Random Knitting Thoughts

Thank you all for your encouraging words about this dratted knitting funk. Cassie said to do what moves me right now, which is spot-on with how I feel at the moment. What moves me is reading. Suddenly I have a voracious appetite for books! This makes me happy. Reading has been a dear pasttime. This past weekend I eschewed a 10-mile hike in Lake Tahoe to finish Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It was a satisfying read, not too heavy but certainly the most serious and thoughtful book in the series so far. I won't ruin the story for anyone but if you liked the previous Harry Potter books, you should enjoy the latest. There are interesting twists in the end! New books have been added to my shelf: The City of Falling Angels by John Berendt and The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion. Both should be good snuggle-down-under-the-blanket kind of books. Perfect for autumn reading.

So these books had nothing to do with knitting except I noted the knitting references in the Harry Potter book - many sweaters from Mrs. Weasley. Will be interesting to see what they look like in the movie. Speaking of movies, I saw Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit over the weekend. Gromit knits! There was a cute scene where he picks up his needles and knits a bit on a jumper. Everyone looked at me when it happened.

The last random knitting thought - Katie Holmes, as the whole world knows, has been impregnated by the sly Tom Cruise; in an interview picked up by CNN, she says she is organizing a baby room and learning how to knit. Eeeeww. I don't know why this bothers me but it does. I don't approve of the Holmes/Cruise thing because I think Tom Cruise is a total control freak who brainwashed this young woman but WHATEVER, now she wants to knit. For the baby. It's just too, tooooo sickeningly pefectly young motherly.

I hope I didn't just offend anyone with that knit rant. I think knitting baby things is cool. Just the whole learning how to knit because I'm pregnant sounds so fake to me.

Oi. All right, things for you to think about on a Monday.

And Vicki, I plan to be at the Guild next Thursday!


Stephanie said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend and I agree, the latest HP book was good, if a bit disturbing. I agree that knitting for babies is great and learning to knit is great, but only if you really want to, not just b/c it's the "cool" thing to do at the moment for celebrity moms. Have a great week.

Ruth said...

oh, i COMPLETELY agree with you on the learning how to knit because i'm pregnant thing. i'm gagging here as i type.
as for wallace and grommit - i haven't seen it yet, but i really want to! i think my hubby and i may catch an evening showing tommorrow in davis - did you know that for only tuesday evenings, all davis movie theater tickets go down to half price once the movie has been out for more than 2 weeks? it's a terrific deal, i tell ya! =)

Ruth said...
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caitlyn said...

It's great that you are enjoying your reading so much! I agree that you should do what moves you.

Tena said...

I agree about the Holmes/Cruise duo. I have always thought he has her brainwashed. I'm into reading lately, too. I know it's an old book but I'm reading "The Kitchen God's Wife" by Amy Tan and am really enjoying it.

Ruth said...

hey lynette - i just saw wallace and gromit the other night. it was SO cute!! and yea, i perked up during the scene where gromit picks up the needles... i loved the clicking sounds. when that scene showed up, my husband immediate turned to me and asked, "how's gromit's technique?" =D