Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Public Service Announcement - Freecycle

Lately I've been hearing a lot about a virtual grassroots organization called "Freecycle". Actually I knew about this group a while back ago but didn't sign up until last month. The goal is to offer gently used items for free rather than throw them away, kind of like swapping household items with your neighbor. The groups are designed such that they are local and moderated by a volunteer in your town. Kind of a nice concept. You won't have to go very far. However you can sign up for as many towns as you want.

Since signing up, I've seen everything from bed frames to appliances to chickens and a rooster (must go together) to construction materials being offered for free. Someone was even giving away yarn but I was too late!

If you're a packrat (like my SO), there's got to be something in your home that you don't need but are too lazy to pack up and donate to Goodwill (like me). Perhaps you'd be willing to send out a short email and let someone who needs it come take it off your hands.


JoanM said...

That freecycle seems like a good idea. I wonder if it will catch on in Australia

Ruth said...

my SO is a packrat too. the only problem is convincing him to part with some of his excess "junk"! =P

Purse_Ho said...

freecycling is good. :) i joined the group here in DFW, TX...but some of those people are WEIIIIIRD. they ASK for alot of bizarre stuff! one time i saw a woman ask for a freaking mobile home!! one other time i saw a woman offer some used makeup. LOL. but yes..it is a good thing. frecycle everyone!

Ruth said...

used makeup? ewww