Friday, May 06, 2005

That's What a Miracle Bra is For....

The above comment was made to me last night when I modeled my sweater-from-hell at the Guild meeting. I had explained that I had used the Shapely Tee pattern but that I obviously wasn't all that shapely. Thus the Miracle Bra remark. Not that I was offended...I could tell that wasn't the intent. If I was less confident of my body the comment would've rankled but I know better :-)

Another interesting Guild get-together. It started out better than the last, but the old business/new business talk became less than nice after Kaedean proposed to have a different night for the Programs and workshop portion of the meeting. I heartily support Kaedean's idea! More than likely I will attend the workshop night rather than the regular Guild meeting itself if the nastiness keeps up. Of course, it wasn't all mean. There are some really lovely people at the Guild.

I wish I could post a lot more often than I currently do. Unfortunately, work has been keeping me busy. TodayI came in for a 7am meeting only to find out it was cancelled!!! So then I decided to read everyone's blogs and post a short one myself. With a cup of coffee and some fruit, this morning has turned out to be quite relaxing.

On the knitting front, Diane the Tank is making good progress. Maybe next week it will be ready for your review. I started on the Simple Socks and am trying to knit both at the same time on 2 sets of DPNs. It's amazing how large size 6 needles and DK weight yarn (for Diane) can feel after you've knit with size 2 needles and fingering yarn for a while. Now I wish I had learned to knit on the really small stuff so I could better appreciate the chunky yarns and needles.

OK, it's time to get back to the grind. I'm a little sleepy. Big Kitty has lately been taking the stuffed bears from the guest bedroom and carrying them around the house at night, crying pitifully. I don't know what that means. And Little Kitty threw up. Plus she took one of my clean socks from the hamper and dumped it in her water bowl. Can someone please, please tell me why??


Cyndi said...

Wow - my jaw dropped reading about the m-bra comment. I swear that some of those women have no social graces whatsoever. That is something that I think is OK to say to a close girlfriend, but not to a relative stranger! Maybe Miss Manners should do one of the guild programs!

LoriO said...

Was it lil' pink sock?

One of my cats has a cry that sounds so mourful. When you go to her to see what's wrong, she runs away wanting you to chase her. Maybe Big kitty wants the bears to play with her.

I've heard that some of the ladies at the guild are a little...resistant to change.

Stephanie said...

Oh great - guild drama. I'm going to my first guild meeting tomorrow and I'm a little nervous about it. I can only stay about an hour, but I'm not sure about this group thing. Miracle bra indeed. I agree with Cyndi - Ms. Manners should be your program recommendation. Cats are a mystery to me, so I'm no help there. Have a great weekend.

Violet said...

Sorry about the 'fun' with the guild. I agree, Kaedean's idea about the separate time for class is a good thing. I will try to be there on Tuesday, I may have to go out of town for work (yuck)!