Sunday, May 15, 2005

A Little Ditty About Diane

So Diane was supposed to be completed by the end of this week but as usual, there were complications. As a project manager I should understand this but I can't help being an optimist about my knitting (Karl, are you reading this??)

Diane was close to being finished but I had a massive brain burp while watching the 7th game between the Pistons and the Pacers today, and decided that I had made a mistake and needed to frog 16 rows. I was so wrong.

The photo is post-frog of the neckline. It's OK. I am massively disappointed in what looks to be "rowing out" as Stephanie has been talking about (I hope this is not contagious) but Violet assures me that all I need to do is BLOCK and life willl be fine. Well, I do not like blocking but I wil do it this week...every day if necessary! :-)

Besides the knitting, I worked in the yard again and realized I have yard envy. While I was planting the ground cover, I snuck a few peeks in my neighbor's yard. What an overachiever! I can't believe it. His yard is maybe 5 yards wider than mine and he put in a pond, slate, a spa and tropical plants. Grrrrr. Oh well, everyone has different tastes. I prefer my garden to be low maintenance, although Karl can't really attest to that right now, and kind of whimsical. Wait until we begin the last phase.

This is the status of our backyard. We have the smallest lot in the subdivision due to the fact that a good 1/3 of the lot is beyond the opposite fence. I like having a small yard because it makes us really focus on how make the best of it. Plus, I do not have grass. I think this is a bonus. I grew up in a state where a lawn was absolutely mandatory but I thought it was supremely boring.
Thanks to everyone who was sympathetic about my fountain. I wish you could see the actual fountain cascading over the copper ball but today has been overcast and the fountain is solar, so...well...maybe by the end of the week. I like the idea of using decorative stones to mask and absorb the tinny sound. Most fountains are stone or are stone-like but I like the copper color because it matches the house and the stepping stones.

This may sound ridiculous, but I was looking at the Lorna's Laces colorways today and realized that the skeins I bought last week were the same colors in my garden..."Motherlode"...And speaking of Lorna's Laces. Ewe Knits is having a sale on this yarn for the Yahoo group Socknitters only. The Shepherd Socks are only $6.99 per skein!! Get it while you can.

Have a great week, keep in touch.


JoanM said...

Hey Lynette,
I've been gardening today too. I pulled out the choko vine (translation chayote) and did lots of tidy up. I love your grey sweater, jumper, vest? Try some Barossa Valley Wines next.

Rebekah said...

I really like the fountain. It looks similar to one we're thinking of getting my parents for their anniversary this year that's solar powered too.

Finally our front yard is looking good with our landscaping we planted several years ago. But now we think we've actually over planted, gardening may never actually end.

Anonymous said...

LoVE Diane. and your fountain.I found out a few years ago, I am NOT a good gardner...LOL

Stephanie said...

I love your yard and that fountain is beautiful. I have grass and it's a huge pain. The previous homeowners planted grass and put rock up next to the house. I so hate it. Grass grows up in the rocks and I have to constantly pull it out. If I had my way, I'd remove all the rock and plant a lovely garden all around the house. Ah well, maybe my next house! Blocking your sweater will help a lot - cotton is a pain. I too hope you haven't caught my rowing-out bug, but I seem to have figured out how to get around it in most cases. Let me know if you want more info.

Jenn said...

Your garden is beautiful! The house that I live in had had the yard neglected for years...last year we made it look ok...and this year we are really working on it. Takes a lot of work!

Tena said...

That fountain is so cool! I love it and your yard. Here in Texas we have the lawn world. I hate it. I am always threatening to torch the grass and put in rocks and ground cover. Being a slave to grass cutting is not my idea of fun!

caitlyn said...

Hi Lynette,
I think Diane looks great already! I hope that you'll be happier with it after blocking. I really like your fountain it's very elegant and unique. I hope you have a great week!