Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Circular Knitting - I'll Stick to the Old Fashioned Methods

Last night Kaedean taught the Guild's circular knitting workshop and I was simply a basketcase. I don't know what was wrong with me - maybe the large glass of wine without dinner was the culprit - but I was all thumbs. I sat with Kaedean's mother and the poor lady had to put up with me knitting on the wrong needles and going backwards.

I was quite interested in the Magic Loop and knitting with 2 circulars techniques. Both of them were rather easy, actually. Of the two I'd say that Magic Loop is the less confusing once you figure out which "side" you are knitting at any given time. Plus there's only one needle. Two circulars would be a good method for knitting 2 socks at the same time and that's about it. I found
this tutorial by Sheron Goldin on it that I will try because I love, love, love learning new techniques. However, I would probably not use 2 circs for anything else besides socks.

A few more notes about last night's meeting. First, it was the second time that I was in a Guild meeting with
Lorna Miser. She is the founder of Lorna's Laces and now operates under Lorna Miser Designs. She wouldn't know me from Adam but I was thrilled to be in a class with her. And she was so nice. Second, Beth C., who is one of the lovely people, talked to me about the importance of doing what you love. For me that would be writing. Beth - now that I know you read my blog - thank you. And third, Kaedean is a wonderful instructor. Her lace doily is a thing of beauty.

While I was at the Guild workshop meeting, work was still being done back at the ranch. Karl made a contraption to keep the voles out of our veggie patch. They have already nibbled on the eggplant and peppers since Saturday, but the freak hailstorm on Monday slowed them down. Last night Karl fashioned a barrier of netting and PVC pipes around the vegetable box. He actually sewed up the netting using 10lb fishing line. Can you believe this guy??? The solar copper fountain we ordered also came in. We set that up easily, but now there's a problem. The tinny sound of water on metal reminded me too much of a drippy toilet. Ack! The fountain really looks's in the shape of a bird bath with a copper ball on top. We bought matching landscape copper balls to put in the garden (sounds kooky but it looks good). However if the fountain will always remind me of a toilet, I will not spend any time in my backyard. So we're in the evaluation phase.

All right, the wine is affecting me. Karl and I (mostly me) have been consuming an average of 3 bottles per week. That's a lot for us (me). Tonight we're (I'm) finishing up the third of 3 bottles of sauvignon blanc and chardonnay from the Marlborough region in New Zealand. I found them at Cost Plus. We spent a couple days in Nelson/Marlborough during my sabbatical last year, and drinking this wine brings back those good how we were stopped for a DUI check...but anyway....

Hope you are having a good week so far. Keep knitting and smiling.


Birdsong said...

It sounds like you have been making gardening progress in spite of the nasty weather of late... wasn't today lovely? I like to hear about the guild meetings and classes, since I am too far away.

Cyndi said...

Mmmm... wine! That would sure make my studying more fun! ;) Sounds like the guild workshop was great. Thanks for the tutorial link - I'm going to have to check it out. Post pics of your garden progress when you get a chance - I'd love to see it! Sorry to hear about the fountain - hopefully the sound isn't too awful for you. :(

Agnes said...

I haven't tried magic loop or 2 circulars yet ... doubt if I would because I just love using dpns.
But I must admit I have always knitted using circular needles ... never used straight needles before. As Elizabeth Zimmermann said circular needles would change your life! ;)

sherry said...

hi Lyn,
I tried the magic loop,just couldn't do it, i stick to my dpn's.
gosh, I hope you get to enjoy your fountain... ugh adrippy toilet.. too funny.

Stephanie said...

Your guild meeting sounds like it was fun - glad you got to meet nice people and learn new stuff. Could you put some stones or something in the bottom of the fountain for the water to actually hit? I love wine - nothing wrong with a couple of glasses a night (or more if you ask me)!

Rebekah said...

Sounds like a wonderful meeting. On the fountain, could you add something to it to alter the sound, some rocks, or chimes. We have an indoor fountain with plants that reminds me of something similar, so we added rocks and make sure there's enough water to alter the sound and that seems to work.

Beth C said...

Hi, Lynette --
Thanks for the nice "shout out"! :)If you have time on Sunday, the Knits of the Round Table meet at Panera on Northrup & Howe -- great group to sit and knit with.

Tena said...

Hi, Lynette,
I have never tried the magic loop but it sounds fun. Thanks for the link.
I'd love to see your backyard. I bet it is beautiful. Try putting some smooth stones in your fountain. That should help mask the tinny noise.

LoriO said...

Wine is practically medicinal. Drink up! I say.

I love the variety of knitters and their preferences. I couldn't knit socks or sleeves without two circs. DPNs make me want to throw my knitting across the room.

Our fountain is on the blink right now. I really miss it.