Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Miffed at Diane

I have reached the point at which the Diane pattern is starting to annoy me. Perhaps it's because I am itching to start something new. Maybe the pattern is too vague. Or it could be the lack of a proper schematic/picture. Anyways, I'm done with shaping the neckline for Diane and have started the shoulders which the pattern calls "neckbands". I've read the instructions over and over...

Cont even on 13 sts each side until neckbands, when slightly stretched, meet at center of back. BO. Sew shoulder seams. Sew sides of neckbands to neckline. Sew bound-off edges of neckbands tog at back of neck.

Acckk! I think I have to email Melissa Leapman. To me, these instructions sound like I'm making a halter but the pictures and schematic do not show that. I am particularly confused by the directions to sew the sides of the neckbands to the neckline. What the *%$&? Time to start the socks!!

I so appreciate everyone's very nice comments about the garden and fountain. I read over the post later and was embarrassed that the yard photo showed some of our untidy tasks. The great expanse of dirt is supposed to be a rock garden island in the very near future, if it will ever stop raining. I also have plans to surround the AC unit with a wrought iron screen that will support either potted plants or a climbing vine.

The most pressing thing on my mind lately is my job. I must have a much lower tolerance for stress than most people. Either that or I have a different sense of what's acceptable and what's crap. The shortcutting that goes on, the hurried ambivalence, the fear of speaking up, the bureacracy, the scapegoating...all make me crave a simpler life and a simpler set of values. It's time for a change. The problem is, will I recognize the opportunity when it presents itself to me?


Birdsong said...

Lynette, it does sound like you should have a schematic to refer to for the "neckbands"... reminds me of the kind of band running down the fronts of a cardigan. I can empathise about the job; mine was cut in half for next school year, and even though I learned that in Jan. I haven't fully put together what I am going to do about it, even got a call for a new possibility this evening. Have to keep asking, "Is this the new door I am supposed to be going through?" and try not to feel like Alice in Wonderland.

Agnes said...

I don't understand the instructions either. I think it is so frustrating to get stuck in the middle. Where does Diane come from? Maybe you should really write to the designer for clarification ... why not?

Cyndi said...

Strange instructions for the neck... the only thing that I can think of is that you do make the front look like a halter, but then sew the halter/neck band to the back of the sweater at the neck line? I think an e-mail to the designer is definitely in order.

I didn't get a chance to comment before on your yard, but it looks like it is coming along nicely! I love the raised wooden garden beds. Did you make those yourselves?

I feel your pain with the job. Some of the things you mention are what made me get out of engineering and go to law school. Have faith that when an opportunity presents itself you will know if it is the right thing for you and the right time to make a change.

Rebekah said...

Hmmm my take would be you sew the neckband to the actual neck of the sweater, then sew the ending edge of the neckband together. I'm envisioning the neckband as something similar to what you would do if you picked up stitches and knit the neck.

Those directions are a bit confusing though. I've knitted only one patterns of Ms. Leapman's and at several places I had to read and re-read to understand. I had to actually get a magnifying glass out to study the picture of the sweater better to understand. BUt she has the cutest patterns!

I hate work related stress, I work for an attorney so I definitely understand stress at the job. It's no fun, I often think of quitting and working for a larger firm, so far I haven't gotten up the nerve to do it. One day though, as you say when the opportunity presents itself.

Jenn said...

Some days my job is really stressful as well, I just can't change it :-) YOu seem like a very smart woman and I am sure that when the perfect opportunity comes along, you will know it.

Sorry to say I can't help with the sweater. I haven't made one yet and am still a bit intimidated.

Stephanie said...

My take on the pattern would be what Cyndi suggested. Because of the ribbing you probably make the front look like a halter and then the back will be a bit shorter (check out the measurements for the back or the finishing directions and see if that makes sense) and then you will sew the ribbed neckband to the ss back so that there is ribbing around the front v-neck, the armholes and the back neckband. Does that work?

Your yard looks fabulous and you shouldn't worry that it isn't "done". We all know it's a work in progress, but like to see the pictures. What fun is it to just see the finished perfect pictures? None, I say.

I can relate on the work front. I work for state government and the politics and bureacracy are killing me. It's gotten so bad that I asked my supervisor if I could be assigned to a different client because my current one is driving me nuts. Life's too short to stress yourself out over work. You'll know the right thing when it comes along, although that doesn't always make the decision or the transition any easier. Good luck with everything.

Laura.Y said...

Hiya! Just found your blog through Asian Knitters Ring. Diane looks nice, just bear with it for the moment. I think we all get to that point all the time. I know I do..LOL You've got a lovely yard, just takes time to grow it up.