Friday, April 15, 2005

Life Outside of Work

Thank God for knitting and people who knit. I also want to thank my kitties, Big and Little, for keeping me amused and my blood pressure down. Last but certainly not least, Karl has been so energetic and patient with me.

This has been a bad week at work. No need to go into any details, except that lately my job has left me depressed, unmotivated and extremely tired.

When I come home, I look forward to being greeted by happy cats, knitting a few rows and generally being comforted by my guy Karl. BTW, Karl works at the same company. We work with the same people. He really understands what's going on. I was in such a mood last night. I just had to escape, and I told him about the Stitch'n Bitch group. He kissed me on the forehead and said, "Knit to your heart's content."

I had the good fortune of meeting up with the Sacramento Stitch'n Bitch. Now, I've had to cajole and push myself into even going to these knitting groups. This month I've done well - the Folsom group at Coffee Republic, the Guild and last night the SnB. But I'm not a joiner...I'm an organizer, but not necessarily a joiner. I'm shy and insecure about saying the wrong thing, or worse, being totally misunderstood. I don't have a problem communicating here in words on virtual paper but in person, I can become completely tongue-tied.

I sat quietly at the cafe listening to most of the conversations. Everyone was friendly and it was interesting to see what they were all knitting. I was especially intrigued by Regina's "small things" - the fruit and dolls. She said it's because she knits them for her daughter but I liked the concept of just knitting small compact, portable and imminently gratifying. Violet wore her beautiful shawl - I was impressed. Sarah showed the swift her husband had made, and Priscilla, who was also attending for the first time, finished her scarf to match her felted hat! (because she's going to Ireland).

I felt so much better as I drove home. Work had been consuming me, compressing my world into a tiny and insignificant space. Thank goodness for knitting, my kitties and Karl to remind me that there are other things in life.

One last note - the folks at the Naked Lounge were happy to indulge me in making a Flat White, even though they didn't know what it was. Happy happy. Joy joy.


Agnes said...

My husband has been feeling grumpy about his work recently too. He is not the sociable ladder-climbing type. He always says luckily he is good at what he is doing, otherwise, he'd rather die than kiss the VP's a**!
I hope what you experienced at work is just part of the ups-and-downs cycles ... and that the ups are on their way.
So, does Karl deserve the socks now? I think he does ... actually I think he's a lovely guy, huh? ;)

sherry said...

Hope you have a good weekend.btw, give me a capp w/lots of froth, little milk :-)

caitlyn said...

Hi Lynette,
I am so sorry to hear that you had a rough week! I'm also bummed that I missed meeting you on Thursday at SnB!!! =( Well I hope I'll get to meet you sometime soon in the future. It's great that Karl understands what you're going through. I hope you have a good weekend! Take care!

Stephanie said...

Why is it that when work sucks we let it get to us? I'm the same way and I wish I could separate myself from the crap that goes on in my office. But, knitting and a loving family are the best de-stressers on the market. Try to remember to take time for yourself and not let the rat race get to you.