Thursday, April 28, 2005

Cathunt Ended, Pet Found in Family Room

Owners of Little Kitty experienced a variety of emotions - relief, amusement and annoyance - upon finding the lost pet in their family room. Lynette and Karl conducted an extensive cathunt on the grounds of their postage stamp-sized estate after realizing the ACME Windows contractor had left 3 windows open in the house while replacing them.

The sly cat, aka "Pie Face", has a history of sneaking out of the home unsupervised. Little Kitty was adopted from Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary, a rescue organization, in 2001. She had been with her cat foster parent for only one week before being returned to Happy Tails because "she did not play well with others". Little Kitty has a microchip embedded under her skin for identity purposes but she is under strict orders to stay indoors at all times. She has never lived outside.

She was found laying calmly by the sofa in the family room. Her recent whereabouts were unknown.

* * * * * * *

Thanks to all of you who provided tips on how to hold double-pointed needles. I've figured it out! It's really easy! I experimented with the shorter needles too, in Bryspun flexibles and Brittany birch. Shorter is better. Ha! That's the first time I've ever been able to say that. I picked up the Bryspuns last year as a substitute for cable needles. They are faster than the wood or bamboo. The sock is coming along, but slowly. Last night I seamed the sleeves to my Shapely Tee, but I don't like the looks of one of them so I'm going to frog it tonight and redo.

In response to Cyndi's question about the plane from Oregon - yes indeed, that was the shuttle. No one gave me any weird looks while I was knitting so I figured it was OK. Hey, it can't be any worse than sleeping. And Stephanie, my friend thanks you for the German sock pattern. That was a good find.

I've finally figured out the Bloglines thing. I'm subscribed to everyone now which is a good thing, because I was falling behind in reading everyone's blogs. Oh, except for Sherry! I can't figure out how to get the feed from your site. Thanks for all the nice comments about the pictures. They mean a lot to me. I think I'm doing the wrong thing for a living - I've always wanted to be a photojournalist instead. This is that outlet for me. Although I once made the mistake of telling Karl that keeping a journal was easiest when I had a lot of angst. Boy, he's never let me forget that. He asked if this blog was my way of dumping all my angst.

Last thing: what are your favorite sock yarns? Have you knit with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport? Go ahead, enable me!


Agnes said...

Hey, you've got the size of your photos adjusted ... much better now.
For sock yarns, I love Cascade Fixation and Elann's Sock it to me Esprit. These are cotton elastic yarns ... very comfortable. Never knitted with Lorna Lace before ... perhaps I should try. I just got 2 balls of Magic Stripes from Lion Brand. Surprisingly, they are pretty soft and the colours are not bad either. Cheap find.
Love your cat!

sherry said...

sorry, lyn, i don't know how to help you w/the blog read...I am just posting 1xweek, will later today.
I like lorna laces sock weight. LOVE the colors. never made any thicker socks yet..wonderful color i have 1 sock done in is somerset. dark pink,not bright, greens.. gorgeous.

Stephanie said...

I've used Koigu and Lorna's Laces, but not the sport (at least I don't think so) Is it cotton? I'm using a superwash wool LL right now and really like it. I think I like the LL better than Koigu, but I'm not sure about that (I'm indecisive). I do know that the next socks I make will be w/ LL's new self striping yarn. It looks very cool to me (check it out at Purl). I'm actually using the translated version of that German pattern for my current sock project and really like it. I hope it works for your friend. I'm glad Little Kitty safely returned from her secret mission and that mom and dad are happy to have her home.

Birdsong said...

Lynette, thanks for the nice comments on my blog! I am a lapsed Catholic too, although the Franciscans at St. Francis in Sac kept me going with their hearts of compassion, till I moved up here 19 years ago.

I am currently making a hat out of Lorna's Laces worsted and the yarn is so yummy! I have used a variety of yarns for socks over the years; I made my husband lots of worsted-weights using Peace Fleece and Bartlett Yarns, and myself sport weights. I like soft ones for myself, but he needs tough ones. I think it just depends on what you like to wear and knit with. I have heard great stuff about KnitPicks sock yarns, but have only tried their Wool of the Andes for felted projects so far. I'm eager to see what you decide.