Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Knitting to De-Stress

The past few weeks at the office have been very chaotic and frustrating. I don't think it's a coincidence that I started blogging and picked up my knitting pace when pressure at work began to mount. My schedule is all screwy - I am up at 5:30am, at work for 7am meetings, don't come home until 6pm, maybe have meetings in the evening, still have to make dinner, dead tired by 10pm after chores or errands. Now perhaps that doesn't sound like a crazy schedule for you but for me it's nuts. I'm accustomed to getting up early, yes, but I used to work out like a fiend every morning - running, weights, elliptical - and then going for a 30-mile bike ride in the afternoon. Now I'm lucky to fit in a pilates class. My 8-hour work day has stretched to an 11-hour work day and I still have to get the other home stuff done too.

I've got 4 knitting projects on the needles and I'm knitting whenever I have a spare minute, even during meetings at work. I'm finding it's the only time I'm in control. I am in awe of those women who can juggle work, a family and hobbies because I can barely fit in work and 1 hobby.

Oh, Karl just walked in and, after seeing what was on the computer screen, said that he "has lost me to blogging". That means he thinks I am neglecting him now too. As he walked out of the room he said to the kitties, "Well girls, we have just been knocked down another notch. Now it's knitting first, blogging second, us third."

That is so annoying. I've just changed my mind about knitting him any socks.


Cyndi said...

Hi Lynette - Sorry to hear that work is crazy for you right now. Hopefully it gets better soon! I have a sneaking suspicion that we work for the same very large company in FM (based on my blog stats). (although I'm temporarily working at a different site) How crazy would that be? :) Hang in there - only two more days to the weekend!!

Agnes said...

Oh no, you should actually knit him the socks first ... so that he sees that with knitting, you have him on your mind.
I hope things would get better for you soon.

sherry said...

NO he doesn't deserve those socks!! doesn't he realize knitting, or blogging makes you happier to be around?? to bad about the workouts..they make you feel sooooooo good. what kind of bike do you have?? Ive got a cannondale wsd R1000, in a black/pink combo. Ultra cool. I may be slow, but I sure look KOOL!!!

Stephanie said...

I can relate to work stress - the last few weeks have been crazy around here too. I also think that I resent work more when the weather is nice and I want to be outside (although for you this might not be a consideration because you live where the weather is always nice). Knitting is a huge stress reliever and you shouldn't feel guilty for taking time for yourself. If you don't relieve your stress, you won't sleep well and then everything goes to crap. Men are, well they're men, and they don't always understand our need for an outlet that isn't directly related to physical activity (at least my DH doesn't). Try to go for a walk over you lunch hour if you can't find time for your regular work outs because any little bit of exercise will make you feel better. Hang in there, I'm sure it will get better soon.

Cyndi said...

Hi there! I wish I could figure out a way to reply to my comments with e-mail... blogger is so frustrating that way. Anyway, I wasn't with the acquisition... I've been at the company for 7 years now & you know what that means! :) I don't want to leave an excessively long comment about work, so if you want, you can e-mail me at msknits (at) gmail (dot) com.

I really want to learn to knit continental! But, I'm afraid it would be like starting all over again. If it makes seed stitch better, it may be worth it!

Chia said...

I think it's cute that he's jealous, it means he needs your attention...knit him some cute socks and fill them with some candy.