Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I've been suspecting, for a very long time now, that I'm doing too much for the amount of time I actually have.

I am in denial about how much me-time I have to knit, take photos, blog, write, work out and read.

If I'm lucky I have 1.5 hours of me-time per day (sleep does not count). Where the heck does that 6.5% of my 24-hour day go?

Well, up until 2 weeks ago it was split between knitting and whatever else. And yes, I actually have been knitting! I've finished a couple of hats and started a sweater. The sweater is 80% complete. But then.

I started a class. I am taking a non-fiction writing class. I'm in week 3 of 8.

Plus I got sick. Again *sniff*

So me-time is taken up by either recuperative sleep or researching my essay topic.

Speaking of essay topic, dear readers, I will need your help. You are important to my essay. More to come in a later post.


Cyndi said...

Friday will be here soon... 12 or so hours of uninterrupted "you" time! With yarn! :) Hope you are feeling better by then.

LoriO said...

Oooo I can't wait to be important to something!