Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hand Knitted Gifts

Karalyn has been the lucky recipient of a couple of knitted gifts recently. The first is from the talented Sarah, resident of Alaska (I was impressed), and my pal from the Knitters Review holiday gift exchange.

karalyns sweater from sarah1

Look at the detail, isn't it pretty?:

karalyns sweater from sarah2

Karalyn already has the reputation (at her daycare no less) of wearing cool duds which she promptly spits on the minute she arrives at school. Can you picture it... a bunch of moms and teachers cooing over the clothes - "How cute! Did you make that?!...*gasp* Er, she needs a spit rag..."

Sarah - don't worry, I'm not letting her wear this sweater until she can keep her food down! *grin*

Now from the very sweet and thoughtful Birdsong came this adorable Chinchilla teddy bear.

chinchilla bear3

Uh huh. You know where that bear is headed...

chinchilla bear

...straight in Karalyn's mouth!

chinchilla bear2

Birdsong deliberately knit it in machine washable yarn with no buttons or anything which could pop off or that Karalyn could accidentally swallow. Love that!

Other knitting news: I'm still working on Wiggles and Waves. *aggrieved sigh* But I'm making progress, truly. I splurged on a digital kitchen scale and measured the rest of the yarn for the sleeves. One short sleeve is done. One more to go, then the neckband. That scale is a marvel! I didn't need it but I sure like having it.

Quick small knits have been my saving grace of late. If it weren't for them I'm not sure I would have any FOs to post. My last FO was a fuschia sweater for Miss K:

karalyns fuschia sweater

Pattern: Top Down Baby Pullover from Knitting Pure and Simple, 6-12mo. size
Yarn: Plymouth Dream Baby DK, 50% acrylic 50% nylon, 4 skeins, fuschia
Needles: size 9 US (double-stranded)

Can't hold a candle to Sarah's sweater but I finished it, Karalyn wore it and spit on it.

My latest small knit is the super cute and easy (and free) Karlchen from Small Knits. "Karlchen" is Charlie in German. However, it sounds kinda Chinese to me because I have a friend named Oliver Chen.

All righty then. TTYL, people.


Kelly said...

Karalyn is looking so old and utterly adorable :) She certainly got some lovely gifts! The sweater you knit up is adorable, it looks like there is something extra along the bottom and sleeve hem?

Rebekah said...

Oh my Karalyn is beyond cute in those pictures. And what lovely gifts, the sweater all the way from Alaska is simply stunning.

caitlyn said...

Karalyn is so beautiful!
The sweater Sarah knit is gorgeous, and so is the one that you knit. Yay for FOs!

Stephanie said...

What a sweet baby girl. Lovely handknits - I love them all. Thanks for the link to the hat pattern. I need just a good basic hat pattern.

Purse_Ho said...

Karalyn is a lucky lucky girl. all those things are so beautiful. :) and is it even possible...she's gotten cuter since the last set of pics you posted :)

AJ said...

Oh yes she's lucky! The sweater is absolutely gorgeous, what a lucky duck! :) I feel you on the spit up stage. My son used to get really bad air bubbles, so EVERYTHING came up! :O Your pink sweater for Karalyn is gorgeous too! Glad you are getting some knitting time in, even if it's only one little thing.

Anonymous said...

Karalyn is so sweet and adorable. And I agree, she is such a lucky little girl to have so many knitted things. Oh my, spitting up is why fancy bibs are made to go over fancy wee dresses. :o)

JoanM said...

Karalyn is sooo adorable. It must be fun knitting all that pink. I am into knitting blue for grandsons

Zina said...

Really beautiful sweaters and such a pretty little girl! :)

twellve said...

how did you like that yarn, in the end, for use on a sweater?

i've used it (single strand) on a number of smaller, baby items and had considered making a baby sweater with it at some point. wondered what you thought of the end result.