Monday, March 27, 2006

Why You Should Swatch

shrug1I think this photo says it all. I didn't swatch, but I knew it would be oversized because of the yarn. Oy, it looks likes it was made for someone with a wingspan 6 feet long! The sleeves definitely turned out funky. While I was seaming them up, I noticed how puckered they looked because of the thick and thin yarn texture. There's nothing I could do about that but it was a little distressing all the same. It looks like a bad scar.

Ah well, there's something charming in a homely knit kind of way about this shrug so don't get me wrong - I love it! I am wearing it at work and it's very comfy, warm. People looked at it wonderingly and said, "It's a shawl...with...sleeves?" Why yes it is. I'm glad I didn't rely on this for Vegas because it wouldn't have matched my dress but it's perfect as the office sweater or weekend cuddler.

jjill_shrugBesides, big shrugs are trendy. Heck, take a look at this shrug from J.Jill. This is a $100 sweater. Of course, I think I spent that much on yarn anyway but at least it's yarn I selected and like very much. Although I didn't swatch per se, I measured my gauge after 6 rows and used it to calculate the height from top to bottom. The problem was that I didn't take into account the sleeve length. Duh. Details:

Pattern: Streakers Shrug from Interweave Knits
Designer: Pam Allen
Yarn: Crystal Palace Musique in Stormy Weather
Needles: Size 10.5 and 11 US Addi Turbo
Gauge: 3 sts/in, 3 rows/in
Modifications: I didn't knit the lace cuffs for obvious reasons

OK, so now what's next? I am progressing on Wiggles and Waves but I am slow with lacy patterns. My friend's baby blanket is sitting sullenly in my knitting bag. I pulled it out the other day and saw daylight coming through the loops. Holes! I can't handle the yarn - it's hard to differentiate the stitches. Novelties - phooey, spit! I might just make booties and a hat instead out of something comforting and friendly like merino.

Ya'll were awfully nice about the wedding picture and video. Thanks for the congratulatory wishes. It's not every day a girl gets married although I've had one more day than I'd like, hehehe.

Until the next time.


Agnes said...

Other than the sleeves being obviously a little bit too long, I think the shrug is fine. Why are offices often being cold as fridge? I read about this so often!

Stephanie said...

I love it! I've been thinking about a nice oversized shrug for awhile now (remember the cable one in the winter IK?) and your's is great.

Rebekah said...

I love the shrug, see how the extra length on the sleeves is good when your hands are freezing, you just pull the sleeve over your hands and it has built in mittens!

Ruth said...

Yea, offices always err on the colder side, not sure why. When I was working, I was usually stuck right under the vent too, which really sucked. =P

Your shrug will definately do the trick to keep you warm - despite the sleeve length (which could be an advantage too) it looks so snuggly and warm!!

candsmom said...

I love your shrug!! The yarn you used is just beautiful- it adds so much character and depth to the pattern. And I think the sleeves look fine... they look comfy and snuggly, which is just the way I like my sleeves. I think they're pefect for pulling down over your wrists and hands when the office gets chilly. Your shrug looks wonderful on you! Take care, Lynette! :-)

sherry said...

Lynnette, that shrug is gorgeous!!!looks fine.
re my mystery 9, it's called a mystery, as joining this crossstitch group, we only saw the supplies, and don't know what the pattern looks like, get a part each month for 12 months!!! LOL. hope I like it. I loved the colors too. thanks for the compliment. this is the point where it gets very hard to keep up.Especially w/my knitting.

Tena said...

I love your shrug! You did a great job and it just looks like a good comfy wrap. As for your blanket, I thought about using that yarn after you told me about it but after checking it out at my lys I decided against it...boy am I glad now. I have not made the blanket yet but did make a little dress. It's on my blog if you want to see it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, coming out of lurk mode just to say congratulations on the wedding (you look beautiful!) and I like the shrug. Looks comfy.

Best wishes with your little one, too! I love the baby albert jacket.

kittensmittens said...

swatching is overrated. (well, not really, but that i am usually too lazy)
it looks really comfy and that is the important thing. plus the colors are very happy. i like it.

Birdsong said...

The shrug looks like the perfect item for a pregnant lady :) Actually, you look like you have a lot farther to go that I recall...

adore_one said...

Hi New here. I was coming to your journal from another. I clicked on the shrug and I just had to comment. I actually saw you wearing this in Babettas when I FIRST started 1/2 way thru my first class and I remember really liking the shrug it looked like it was so comfy! I just had to say hello and post a little comment.