Monday, March 06, 2006

Off the Needles

I'm happy to finally report a finished project that isn't a scarf or a hat. This is the baby's first knitted jacket, hopefully the first of many handknits my child will wear. The details:

Pattern: Baby Albert
Designer: Sally Melville
Yarn: Phoenix by Southwest Trading Company, 100% soy silk, color Candy
Needles: Bamboo circulars, size US 7
Modifications: The yarn overs were supposed to be knit through the back loop to tighten them up but if I had done that, I never would've found the button holes again. I also added the collar (20 additional rows).

The sweater hasn't been blocked yet; I'll do that this weekend. The difference between the frogged yarn and the new yarn was noticeable enough although you can't tell in this photo.

I was surprised to see that I hadn't posted anything in 2 weeks. I've been productive, I swear. But I can't show you the latest knitted gift project because the recipient lurks this site.

So. One project down, one almost finished, one still on the needles. Must be time to start another one, or even two! Will have photos of at least the swatches the next time.

Other rings are in. Dinner reservations for after the ceremony are made. Dress is being altered. This is too easy. Surely I'm forgetting something? But I wanted simple and so far so good.

Ya'll have a good week. Stay dry and warm.


Cyndi said...

Cute sweater! You're going to have one well-dressed baby! :)

Glad to hear the wedding prep is going well. When is the big day?

Agnes said...

Very cute! This is going to be a spoilt baby! :)

Ruth said...

a wonderful FO! and will look adorable on the baby. good to hear your wedding preparations are going smooth!

Stephanie said...

Oooooh, that sweater is gorgeous. I absolutely love it. Time just flies, doesn't it. When's the big day? And what about flowers? A bouquet for you?

candsmom said...

Your baby sweater is gorgeous!! So adorable. The colors are wonderful in that Phoenix and it lends beautifully to the pattern. I like the collar, too- very nice touch! So glad to hear that everything's going well with the wedding, too. Take care, Lynette! :-)

Tena said...

How precious! I love that pattern! And the color is too cute. What an exciting time!!

Birdsong said...

Soy silk for the baby - how very yummy! Good job, and stay calm for the wedding.

Shannon said...

What a beautiful sweater! I was horrible about knitting for my baby and wish I had done more while I was pregnant. I'm sure you'll be thrilled to put it on your little one for the first time.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the way your coat turned out! Great work. Thanks so much for the feedback on my blog about working the sleeves on this coat. It was tricky at first, but after reading your post I think I've got the hang of it!! See you around! :-)