Monday, January 23, 2006

Patience is a Virtue

Which I do not possess.

In an earlier post, I talked about starting a baby blanket using Rowan cotton chenille and how I've found it to be hard going. After only a few more rows past what I showed in the picture, I am ready to throw in the towel. Really. I do not have the patience to keep fighting the cotton. It won. It will not be a baby blanket, stubborn thing.

Now I know that not everything in life is as easy as knitting with, say, Cashmerino. However. Why make life any more difficult than it already is? Does anyone think that Cashmerino is "too good" for a baby blanket? I have a huge stash of it which I thought would be another sweater but it's really too hot for that. Besides, I need to somehow use up my stash as much as possible before the baby comes - the room she will be in is currently my yarn room. *waahhh* (That's me crying)

Another yarn that I have totally lost patience for is Caron Fling. I bought this at AC Moore in North Carolina over the holidays. I liked the knitted sample scarf and thought I would make an everyday scarf for work. Fling is a "pigtail" chenille.

Pigtail. Chenille. What is wrong with those two words together?

You got it, it's even harder to work with than the Rowan CC! What was I thinking??

So at the moment I'm eyeing my current projects on the needles: a pair of socks using Cascade Fixation, a pair of socks using Trekking, and a baby poncho using Berroco Plush. The most instant gratification would be the poncho so I suppose I will work on that. It is my own pattern, a poncho done in the round. You'd think I would be more excited but the Plush was orginally slated for something else.

Now check this out. Is this a cute baby hat or what? I found this in one of the pregnancy magazines and the article actually says something like, "And if you ever wanted to learn how to knit now is a good excuse to try" and pointed to the free bunny beanie pattern. I wouldn't necessarily call this made for a beginner but it seems easy.

That's all the ranting and raving I have for Monday. (is it Monday? I really can't keep track anymore)


Ruth said...

those bunny ears are adorable! sorry about the cotton chenille. as for cashmerino - it sure would be a luxurious blanket! but unless your baby is a super clean baby, it may see it's share of washings (which, if i can remember, can be machine washed but needs to be dried flat)....

Agnes said...

I love the Berroco Plush ... so so so soft! What colour are you using?
Perhaps you should save the Cashmerino for other stuff. Even if you want to use it for the baby, make it into a more occasional garment instead of a blanket ... it won't stand the kind of wash a baby blanket entails, I think.

kittensmittens said...

sorry to hear you have uncooperative yarn.

but the bunny hat is so cute.

JoanM said...

I love the bunny hat. Do make it

RheLynn said...

That is an ADORABLE bunny hat ;o) Thanks it made me smile.

Purse_Ho said...

hey i made this hat! hahah it's so cute!!