Monday, January 16, 2006

New Start

My first finished object for 2006 is the Ruffle Scarf designed by Marty Miller for Interweave Knits Crochet in the 2005 special issue. This is the cover pattern. Details...

Yarn: Lion Brand Lion Wool, 100%wool

Color: Flower Pot

Hook: Crystalites, size J

Gauge: Huh?

Notes: Very easy, good for beginners. The pattern is just 4 rows of double crochet, increasing by doing 2 double crochets every other stitch for rows 2 - 4. I did 5 rows since the scarf was a bit skinny using this yarn. I'm very pleased with this early effort and it's something I can wear a lot since my wardrobe consists of many pink and lavender tops.

My next project reacquaints me with cotton. Since using wool for the past 3 scarf projects, I had blissfully forgotten how inflexible and unyielding cotton can be. Even worse when it's chenille and doubled up. This is the first baby knit - an easy striped garter blanket inspired by the Bulky Blanket in Yarn Girls' Guide to Simple Knits. I'm using Rowan Cotton Chenille that I bought from Elann a few months ago. Basically it's just 8 rows of lavender, 6 rows green, 4 rows pink, 2 rows blue. Think I can handle that? You would be surprised these days *grin*. Pregnancy makes you quite forgetful and absent-minded. I'm all about easy knits now to prevent knitting funk. I think the absent-mindedness was a major reason for the funk; I couldn't concentrate and just made mistakes all over the place. Frustrating but I know better now. I hope.

This was a hard picture to take; I had to use the tub hence the blinding white background. I broke one of my rules and shot indoors in the evening. Bad, bad but I was impatient to upload a picture.

In other knitting happenings, I met up with Caitlyn, Ruth and Cyndi at Frog Pond Knits on Saturday. So fun to knit and chat with you all. Like I said to Caitlyn, I felt like I already knew her and Ruth, and Saturday was a reunion of sorts.

Congrats, you survived Monday. Have a good week!

Until the next day in the life....


Agnes said...

You look gorgeous!
Tell you what, cotton chenille is a bitch to knit because it is so difficult to get an even tension! But it is lovely knitted up.
About crocheting, I think my arm got tired and felt hurt because I tended to hold the hook too hard. It was not like knitting when you are using two hands, so I tended to put all the energy on the moving hand.

caitlyn said...

The scarf looks wonderful on you! Good luck with the baby blanket.

Ruth said...

hey there! it was great meeting up too! we should do it again sometime. =)

your scarf looks really great on you!

keohinani said...

that is such a cute picture of you modeling your scarf! like it's from a magazine or something...
i like the colors you picked for the baby blanket. really bright and fun!
i am going crazy with the run-on sentences...meh, that's okay. it's almost the end of the week. ;)

Fe said...

just want to say hi, from a fellow filipina crocheter living in cebu, philippines. i love your scarf. i just also started to learn the basics of knitting.