Thursday, July 14, 2005

Knitting on the Autobahn

I had a lot of quality knitting time in the car as we zoomed around Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic on the autobahn at 100 miles an hour...and that was in the slow lane. Everyone was impressed with my socks and were rooting for me to finish the Broadripple pair by the end of the trip. Sadly, I was almost to the toe of the second one before I had to put it away. I was too exhausted on the plane ride home and was afraid of making mistakes. The second sock will be finished this weekend, though, so you'll see the pair shortly. The capelet was a hit! It ended up being perfect for the weather on the day of the wedding. And last but not least on the knitting front - I worked on my One Skein Wonder on the plane to Germany but realized my gauge was off, therefore needing a little more than than the skein of Phoenix from Southwest Trading Co. So far it looks great, but I probably need to pick up another ball at Babetta's just in case. My July projects should be done by next week!

Congratulations to Cyndi, Jenn, Stephanie and Roberta for answering my European Vacation Trivia Quiz questions correctly! Cyndi and Roberta also guessed where I was "based" in Germany - a little town called Schweinfurt about 2 hours east of Frankfurt. Schwein means pig. Apparently there are wild pigs running around in the forests, although the closest we got to one was at a wildlife park. Did you know that wild pigs are quite hairy? Ewwww. Somehow their muddy enviroment and disturbing grunts didn't bother me as much as their hirsuteness.

I'm still sorting through my pictures (over 500) and deciding which to clean up for the album. This stuff takes forever! But I did want to show you that I couldn't stop knitting, even on vacation. BTW, I had absolutely no problems with the needles I brought onboard - the Brittanys and the Bryspuns. However. We carried on all the yarn I bought as padding for other items and we actually got stopped by security in Dallas-Ft. Worth because the skeins looked like wiring as the bag went through the scanners! The irony!

Until the next day in the life...


Stephanie said...

I'm glad the sock got to see some of the countyside, and it's very pretty. I'm glad the capelet was a hit, but it isn't surprising. 500 pictures! Wow, I can't wait to see what you deem "worthy".

Agnes said...

Welcome home! I had absolutely no idea where you were, so I didn't enter the contest! But the most important thing is it seems you had a wonderful time!

kittensmittens said...

The yarn caused you to get searched. That is actually kinda funny.
Welcome back.

Ruth said...

i've never been to europe (just a million trips to asia, and that's going the other direction) so when i saw your questions, i had absolutely no idea how to answer any of them... =P

anyways, welcome back!! any jetlag?