Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hiking, Knitting and Venus

That's the order I'll cover the weekend. Saturday began with a hike to Loch Leven Lakes. This trail begins just south of the Rainbow Lodge off I80 near Tahoe. There are three lakes and the middle loch, pictured above, was the largest and prettiest. We passed that one by in favor of the Upper Lake which was a perfect swimming hole. Big enough for several campers and families with loud children and barky dogs. Plus us, who were trying to fish even though we were told there wasn't any fish up there. The hike wasn't my best however. Some days are simply slower than others and this was one of them. If it weren't for those dang rocks and scree messing up the trail....

In knitting news, I finished the One Skein Wonder -wheeeee! Thought you might like to see it in progress - this is the front after I had picked up stitches and started the ribbing. As you can see, the ribbing is knit circularly.
The shrug is knit from the top down, increasing by knitting into the front and back of a few stitches. You pick up stitches for the seed stitch border on the sleeve cuff.Then you fold over the ends at the "seams" to make the sleeves. Once the ribbing is done you just have a few ends to weave and you are done.The finished result from the front - so I think I must have kind of wide shoulders for my size. The shoulder-to-shoulder measurement that I used was 16 inches. I was worried that the sleeves would be tight but they aren't at all. Initially I had planned to make a spaghetti strap tank with the same yarn.
However, after trying the shrug on with a couple of camisoles and a couple of wide-strap tank tops, it looks better with a simple sleeveless shell.

Last but not least, Karl and I went to a World Team Tennis match between the Sacramento Capitals and the Delaware Storm. Venus Williams was the marquee player. She is, well, amazing. The woman is like an amazon out there and she seemed truly likeable. No diva moves or temper tantrums, she played graciously and was a good sport. Her team didn't win (the Storm) but the Capitals are in the WTT finals next month. More pictures of the match are in the Flickr Badge on the sidebar (slideshow), check them out!

Until the next day in the life....

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Ruth said...

i like your OSW! those yarn colors are pretty =)