Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Take From Me My Lace

One of my favorite Stevie Nicks songs is Leather and Lace. As I was thinking about what to blog today, this tune started in my head. I will be humming it all night. Sometimes Karl will hum a few notes in the morning while he's shaving and then I find myself humming the same tune the rest of the day, wondering where it came from. Does this happen to you?

What do you think of the capelet so far? I haven't even blocked it yet but I'm concerned it will be too big. I decided to shorten it by 2 inches but didn't consider the width. Beth - yes, lace is rather magical and extremely feminine. I am struck by how delicate it makes me look and yet I know the strength and the tension of its construction.

The capelet is all I'm working on and I'm happy with the progress. It should be done by this weekend! Then I can finish the socks and cast on for...oh dear...too many to list. Oh, you may be interested to know that Brittany responded to my email about replacement DPNs. The woman was so kind. I simply asked to purchase a single needle. Instead she sent an entire set free of charge! Such generosity is so refreshing. Brittany has a customer for life.

Before I sign off, I want to ask you about blog comments. Some people are so thoughtful and good about responding to them. Others, not as much. I am in the middle. What is the protocol? I want to reply back to everyone! But is this expected? I set up Haloscan for the express purpose of being able to email back the commenter, but it's not working out as well as I had hoped.

Lovers forever
Face to face
My city or mountains
Stay with me stay
I need you to love me
I need you today
Give to me your leather
Take from me
My lace


JoanM said...

Lynette your capelet is looking great.
Re the comments I think it is up to the individual. I love receiving comments, and usually go to the person's blog. I like to return the favour, but if the blog is about something which I am not really interested in, or has a heavy slant of complaints or bad language etc I probably won''t leave a comment.

Cassie said...

The blog comments are a funny thing. When I started, I assumed that you responded to them. So I did. And when someone didn't respond at all to mine, I felt a little insulted. Now, I get more comments and have trouble keeping up with them. I can see how people would respond to some or just a few and leave the ones along the lines of, "Looks great!" by the wayside, since there isn't much to say but "thanks" in response.

I don't really think there is a protocol, but responding is a great way to get to know people that otherwise you might not get to know.

The capelet looks great.

Ada said...

Your capelet is looking fabulous!

Ruth said...

very pretty! =)

JoanM said...

Knitter's UFo Anon is up and going. Leave me your email so I can sign you up. I might ask for some html help though as I can't get the ring code going properly