Monday, June 06, 2005


The kitties don't see much of Karl and me on the weekends these days. We've been on roadtrips, like this past Saturday to Virginia City and Reno. Re-no, where we played ke-no at the ca-si-no.

Virginia City is a historic mining town in Nevada, situated on the Comstock Lode, known for its silver and gold mines. In its heyday Virginia City was the richest city in the west, a busy town with a surprising amount of diversity and culture. We spent Saturday visiting museums and riding a short portion of the old Virginia & Truckee railroad. I had fun taking a few photos of the saloon signs.

Bonanza was one of them but the sign that drew the most interest was the venerable Bucket of Blood. We didn't stop in that saloon but I took a picture of the sign anyway.

From the train, aka "Queen of the Short Lines", you could barely make out the steeple of the Catholic Church. The original building burnt down with most of the town after someone knocked over a gas lamp.

One of the most interesting museum visits we made was to a prostitute museum. Back then, prostitution didn't have the same distasteful and dreary reputation that it does now. It was a job, one of the few women could have. The museum was in the basement of a saloon and one of the relics was this, um, vibrator. It looks a bit like an instrument of torture but then again a lot of things did in those days. What I want to know is, what is the guy pictured on the side of the box doing with said Arctic Vibrator??

Oh, but this is a blog about knitting. Sorry for the digression. I finished my first sock! Yay! I completed it during the guild's sock class on Sunday afternoon (after an evening of gambling and such in Reno...OK, I'll stop talking about that now) and then promptly cast on for the sock's mate. To avoid the Second Sock Syndrome, I decided to knit SS on 2 circulars. After a bout of awkwardness with the cuff, I got into something like a groove thing as I started the stockinette leg. And it's going faster than the first. Very cool. I can see where socks would be addicting and can't wait to start another pair. However, there is the matter of the lacy capelet. I cast on for that last night and it's going pretty well too, although not much to show right now. Hopefully next time.

Happy Knitting and have a great week!


Tena said...

Cool picture! Are you going to do the charity ride this weekend? Have you been riding? I started riding again and boy is my butt sore. I should say numb!

JoanM said...

Wow, what an interesting weekend. I would love to visit those places.
Your sock is looking great, but keep on with the capelet.
I bought the embroidery machine for when and if I retire, but then I figured I may as well learn how to use it. I do a little hand embroidery, but I have a lot of trouble seeing my work, hence my love of knitting.

Stephanie said...

What a cool trip - you just have to love crazy historical stuff. Your sock looks great. I'm going to cast on for a pair and try the magic loop my SP sent me.

Birdsong said...

Don't you just love Virginia City? One of my favorite side trips. The drive was probably beautiful too... and your first sock turned out fabulously. These self-striping yarns sure do turn out cool socks. I will have to try it!

Rebekah said...

Love the pictures, good job on avoiding SSS. It's a very dangerous disease, one that's well to be avoided, however it is difficult to avoid.

Boy that doesn't make any sense, never mind.