Sunday, June 12, 2005

A Bit of Lace

The weekend has gone by too quickly and with it any time to work on the lace capelet. I managed a few rows since the last post, calmed down and developed a rhythm. As you can see, this is a very simple stitch pattern. This goes on for about 9" and then every other panel is removed. The yarn is still snaggy but knitting it loosely helps a lot. You can see the wisps of rayon strands. I've got 15 days to finish this. It's still doable! I've put everything else on hold but I carry my sock around anyway. I've also been leafing through my Rebecca issues. There's a chevron tank top that looks interesting but I just cannot cast on for another project. Discipline!

If I hadn't gone on a charity bike ride on Saturday, the capelet would've been further along. The Rex Cycles Supports the Parkway started out as a social bike ride that evolved into a charity event to support the American River Parkway, known around here simply as the Bike Trail. The bike trail stretches from downtown Sacramento eastward to Folsom Lake along the American River. It's about 65 miles up and back. We rode 60 miles for the bike ride. Rex Cycles specializes in custom frames. I don't have one of his specifically but I do have a different type of bicycle.
Before I bought this bike, I had pretty much given up on the idea of ever riding. I'm too small - I need a 16" frame because I have a very short standover height. Then a few years ago someone told me about Terry Bicycles, a company headed by a female engineer and cyclist who designed a road bike frame specifically for small women. It has a 27" wheel in the back and a 24" wheel in the front. Obviously there's more to the geometry than that, but the wheels are the most obvious difference. It's great! I love the bike.
I have to admit, though, that I'm not a techie bike person. In fact, I know next to nothing about bike engineering and maintenance. Karl does most of it because when he works on his own, he also fixes up mine. Yes, I'm spoiled. He likes it though, because he'd rather maintain my bike than have me mess with it and totally screw it up. Anyways, the bike ride started out easy especially since I tried to make sure I drafted behind Karl. About halfway through I started to get tired and, well, saddle sore. My saddle is a skinny, hard piece of leather. I haven't done enough long rides yet to have gotten accustomed to it for a ride of this length. Thank God for gel shorts. Recovering from a hard bike ride, though, is surprisingly easier than from a hard run. And it gives you a nice butt.

I don't know what happened to today, Sunday...we went to Home Depot, did some chores, made dinner...voila - the weekend has slipped away. Hope the week goes well for you and that you fit some knitting time into your busy lives!

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