Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm Feeling Blue

Looky, looky - a finished sweater! On a whim, because that's how all my projects start, I picked up a pattern for a cap sleeve top from Dovetail Designs at Babetta's Yarn and Gifts. Maya introduced me to a terrific new yarn - GGH Tara - and it is now my new fabulous favorite cotton. You *must* check it out. It's super light with an amazing elasticity. Knitting with it was so comfortable.

Pattern: Cap Sleeve Sweater from Dovetail Designs

Yarn: GGH Tara, 72% cotton 28% nylon, 4 skeins in turquoise

Needles: US size 8 Addi's

Gauge: 4 sts/in, 6 rows/in

Notes: This pattern knits up very fast. It only took me 4 days and that's with a hectic mom's schedule. However, let me warn you - this pattern isn't well written/edited and I had to translate a few things as I went. At one point I emailed the designer, Val Love, because I couldn't figure out some of the math.

Modifications: The sweater was a little short even for my truncated torso so I added extra length at the bottom with the crochet trim (1 row sc, 1 row hdc, 1 row sc). Next time I will only pick up and crochet every other stitch for the first row of single crochet. Other changes for next time: start the armholes a little earlier by about 3 rows. Even for me, the armholes are snug. Also, I'd probably change the kind of decreases and increases used for the darts and side shaping.

It's going to be a busy few weeks as we pack and prepare for the move. Hottest time of the year, too. I think we must be a little loco.

Blog ya later!


LoriO said...

Lynette, that sweater looks HAWT! So cute and summery!

K2Karen said...

Gorgeous, Lynette, gorgeous. If you're on ravelry, you should join our tank top group! Even though this has sleeves, I think it counts.

Rebekah said...

Oh its very, very cute! And looks great on you, especially with your skin tone. I have a hard time wearing colors like that, it washes me out.

vanessa said...

fits you perfectly and beautiful color!

Macoco said...

Good luck with your move - I hope it goes smoothly!

That top is pretty and very flattering.

Stephanie said...

It's gorgeous and looks great on you. Way to go on a finished project.

ruth said...

wow, that is PRETTY on you!!!

AJ said...

Lynette, the tank is gorgeous. That shade of blue looks great on you!