Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Baby Blanket Focus

Many of you said a baby blanket may not be doable in 2 weeks. I think you're right but I'm trying all the same to finish this blanket by May 6th. If it's not done at least it will be close. I'm hoping to be more than halfway done by this weekend to take some pressure off next week.

This yarn was a find at Elann - a heavy worsted weight 100% superfine merino superwash at a discount. I love all those words! I'm knitting this basketweave blanket double-stranded which is why I have a fighting chance that it could be completed on time. I'm just a bit sad that I can't use the yarn for my own baby's blanket. Most of the current progress was courtesy of a day's knitting at Kirkwood Ski Resort this past Sunday. It was essentially the last day of ski season so Karl and I, along with my brother and his fiancee, went up for a last hurrah. It was a good knitting day for me.

Other than that, not so much happening on the knitting front. In a shameless attempt at promoting my other blog, I have more current news on Babe in the Wool.

This coming weekend the crew is (1) participating in a golf tournament - I'm driving one of the carts, yay! - and then (2) taking a quick trip to Yosemite country. We'll be spending the night in Sonora on Saturday and then most of us will drive into Yosemite and hike into the Hetch Hetchy reservoir area. I say "most" because I will instead meander along the quaint streets of Sonora and knit at By Hand Yarn. I'm thrilled at discovering yet another yarn store and hope to have a review for you next week.

Until then, happy knitting! Spring is finally here!


Purse_Ho said...

man...if i were you, i would just keep the beautiful blanket for myself! ;)
good work!

Ruth said...

hi lynette!! GREAT job on the blanket! at this rate, you will definately be able to finish. i have all faith in you. =)

Stephanie said...

The blanket looks really good and I think you can get it done. Sounds like you're going to have some good knitting time coming up. No problem. I'm off to check on the current news on the baby.

Rebekah said...

The blanket is adorable! It will make a very nice present and your making great progress on it.

Shannon said...

The blanket is coming along beautifully. Doesn't elann have a lighter weight version of this right now? Maybe you should get some for your own blanket ;-)

JoanM said...

Hi Lynette,
Sorry I have been absent while all your momentous life happenings are going on. Congrats on your wedding, and I hope you are keeping well. The baby blanket looks great. Amazing what a deadline does.

sherry said...

Wow,Lynette, that blanket is beautiful. Ya, you will get it done.