Friday, October 03, 2008

Twinkle Shopping Tunic

Back to the knitting!

Twinkle's Big City Knits has been on my shelf for a while. Against my better judgment, I managed to convince myself that I could channel the models in the book: be tall, willowy and boobless (TWB).

My first attempt at TWB was the Skating Sweater. Have I blogged about this already? I can't remember. Anyway I shopped from my stash and used Muench Big Baby (and in the process I denied Karalyn a new crib blanket). The result was less than stunning. Instead of being TWB I was short, stumpy and stacked (SSS). The fuzzy focus doesn't help either. I was also 10 lbs heavier in this photo. I knit this sweater last fall. Afterwards I came to my senses and said No to any more Twinkle sweaters.

Since then I've lost 10 lbs and gotten back down to pre-baby weight. The weight loss has clouded my thinking. Again I pulled out Big City Knits, looked at the models and said, "Tall, willowy, boobless! That's me!"

Earlier this week I finished the Shopping Tunic. During the knitting I started to get anxious. The yarn is so thick! The gauge is so huge! The measurements are so tiny! I held up the finished piece to my person to provide perspective on how small the sweater turned out to be right off the needles. Remember, I'm a size 1 or 2 petite. In the photo the sweater is "inside-out" since the purl side is actually the right side. What's that big wonky blob of yarn? I don't know.

To have a sleeker silhouette I decided to forego the pockets and the cowl neck. The pocket instructions were confusing anyway, and the cowl would've been itchy. Who needs it on a short-sleeve tunic? When I put the sweater on this morning, Karl had to laugh when he saw me roll it down my body. "Every father's nightmare," he commented. "You're not passing that down to Karalyn." However he said it looked nice on me.

It's not that great. In fact, I look SSS! Karl said, "Yeah, the thick yarn adds another inch or two." Sheesh! I need another inch or two but not around my waist or chest. Do you see how the armholes are weirdly stretched out? And this yarn, since it's roving, will pill and fuzz and break down very quickly. Which will make me even more SSS.

Oh well. Live and learn. I have 4 more skeins of Soft Chunky. I might...might...try the Evening Shell with it. If I do, some adjustments will need to be made.

In the meantime I thought I would wear this expensive designer sweater at least once. The weather is perfect for it today.

Happy Friday!


Wendy said...

Well, I think you look awesome. Even hawt, as the kids say. I'm a sucker for Twinkle too.

Rebekah said...

I think it looks very nice, but somtimes in person things are different then in picctures. I am not a fan of chunky yarn, I think even on superbly thin it looks superbly chunky.

Jen da Purse Ho said...

this is very cute on you!! lost 10 lbs? not that you needed to, but dang!!! it made a huge difference! you look even more fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and really enjoyed reading it. I live in Roseville and have been looking for a knitting group---do you know of a good one in the area?!!! BTW the black sweater looks fantastic on you!