Friday, April 20, 2007

Watching the World Go By

There are lots of days when I all I want to do is sit on a post, feel the breeze ruffling my hair, listen to birds chirping and generally watch the world go by. Then a friend or two might walk up and join me.

Those days are extremely few and far between now but I appreciate them when they come along, especially when they are unexpected.

On this particular occasion I had been driving around a neighborhood close by, looking at homes for sale. Karl and I are entertaining thoughts of moving into a bigger home and there was one in a neighborhood near these trails and a preserve.

It was dusk. Karl was doing a "walk-by". I discreetly parked near the trail entrance to wait for him. Karalyn was asleep in the back seat. The day had been long, and we had decided at the last minute to look at the house. I was glad to sit in my car and do nothing even for a few moments.

That's when I noticed the cat on the post. He was just sitting there, idle, the way cats are. He was so relaxed even as birds chirped in the pond and flew by him. Then another cat, the calico, wandered along the trail. He looked up at the tabby as if to say, "Yo dude," then settled comfortably at the base of the post.

When I was 20 my life was similar. Back then I dreamily thought of all that the future held and what I would be doing by the time I was 40. Little did I know that at 40, I would dreamily and nostagically be remembering the simplicity and easiness of being 20.

My thoughts for the day. Have a good one.


Agnes said...

Mmm ... maybe I was a cat in my previous life ... my greatest ambition this life is to be able to sit idly and think and do nothing ... just like that cat. Still ... now ... :)
Wish you good luck with house hunting.

Macoco said...

Best of luck with the house hunting. I understand where you're coming from. I heard someone talking this weekend about what can you do when things become much too much. They summed it up with take three steps...breathe...take another three steps...breathe. It's all about little steps with places in between for reflection/relaxation. Looks like those cats have embraced the idea. ;)

Stephanie said...

Ah, what a great way to spend an evening. Those cats are living right. Isn't it funny how our view of life changes as we get older. We can't wait to grow up, and then when we are we wish we could go back to the good ol' days.

JoanM said...

We could learn a lot from cats. We have 4 - all strays which my daughters adopted. They always find the warmest most comfortable place, often my current knitting project