Friday, March 30, 2007

Pooper Scooper

This week has been an unexpected experience of being a Stay At Home Mom.

As you may recall, I spent 4 months of maternity confinement last year after the birth of little Karalyn. At the end I was a little relieved to go back to work and start talking to adults again.

This week Karalyn stayed home due to another bout of stomach flu (the third for her, thus the third for me). I must say, in annoying 20/20 hindsight, those 4 months after she was born couldn't hold a candle to this one week.

Maybe it was because I was sick too. Maybe it was because the time was so unexpected. But geez, I am really not cut out to be a SAHM. Kudos and more power to the ones who are because it's a hard job. Especially so when your offspring is ill.

I managed to get some knitting done during Karalyn's naps although no photos yet. I'm working on the Santa Cruz Hoodie from Knit2Together for a friend's new baby and it's so cute. I'm done with everything except the hood itself, but it will be done and gifted up nice this weekend. I'll post photos.

Oh, and about the pooper scooper. Well I took Karalyn to the doctor. I managed to spend $20 and an hour of my time for nothing except to be told to scoop poop! He didn't diagnose Karalyn's illness, just vaguely said the stomach flu was going around and to give her lots of fluids. Then he handed me 5 frickin' sterilized vials for poop samples. I was supposed to collect the samples and send them to the lab. Do you know how hard it is to collect poop from a baby with diarhhea??

OK. Now that I've sickened you all with this little tale I'll stop. May you have a wonderful weekend.

Happy Knitting.


Purse_Ho said...

haha you poor thing. sick kids are never fun...esp when you get sick too. i hope you both get better very soon. :(

Agnes said...

Well, happy poop scooping! ;)

caitlyn said...

I hope you both feel better soon!

ruth said...

Haha - you poor thing! Hopefully you are feeling better, and Karalyn too! My sympathies for the need to scoop the poop. =P

Macoco said...

Hope the baby gets better soon! I don't even want to imagine what it takes to get the stool sample.